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YouTube Checklist To Ensure Maximum Leverage On Your Videos


YouTube Checklist To Ensure Maximum Leverage On Your Videos

Are you looking for a good YouTube Video Upload Checklist?

Video Marketing and your YouTube efforts can go unnoticed in all of the noise if you do not seek to stand out from the noise and use whatever leverage you can with your videos in order for your videos to properly rank and display within the YouTube search results for a given keyword.

Thankfully in todays post I have my checklist that I refer to whenever I am uploading my videos into YouTube and I want to do this properly and gain that little competitive edge over other creators.

Welcome to how to properly upload videos to YouTube

with my upload checklist

Within this checklist there are three (3) key stages you need to consider.

Stage 1: Pre-upload

Stage 2: Upload stage

Stage 3: Post upload

I have broken my checklist into these 3 key stages as it makes it easier to follow and of course follow along with

Stage 1 – Pre-Upload stage

Within this stage you have not yet recorded your video. This is an important stage as you have the time to research various things, get everything set and ready for the recording stage and then you are better prepared for actually recording your video.

  • Identify a good target keyword
  • Record your video mentioning the target keyword early on
  • Record your video in high definition – use X where possible
  • Rename your video file to your target keyword – Something like “”
  • Add your keywords to video file metadata
  • Create an eye catching thumbnail image to grab viewers attention
  • Save your thumbnail image as your given keyword – Something like “keyword.jpg”
  • Remind people to subscribe to your YouTube Channel

Stage 2 – The Upload stage

At this stage, you have recorded your video and are now ready to upload and publish your video on YouTube. Now is when the real strategy starts to fall into place. If you have followed the pre-upload checklist, then the following steps will greatly help your video when you upload it.

Do as many of the following steps as possible. Take your time, get everything right and follow through each and every time you upload a video into your YouTube channel.

  • Upload video unlisted (initially)
  • Publish quality video description with keyword rich text (not stuffed)
  • Add external link into second line of description
  • Add video tags most relevant/important in order
  • Add a custom unique video tag
  • Upload your custom eye-catching video thumbnail
  • Make your video title attractive/enticing/intriguing
  • Add todays date into advanced section
  • Set your (video) location
  • Set video to your language in advanced settings
  • Add your video into custom playlist
  • Add time stamps into video description (good for long videos)
  • Choose best category within advanced settings=

Stage 3 – Post-Upload stage

By now your video is uploaded and live on YouTube. You MUST remember to set the video to public. Then follow the next steps to ensure maximum leverage with your newly published video.

This is the extra boost that many others never do for their videos and it is something you need to do each time you upload a new video, as well as following each and every step listed above.

  • Watch the full video
  • Like the video
  • Add a comment below the video
  • Ping video URL with pinging service
  • Share your video using YouTube share features
  • Share video on Twitter & Facebook
  • Add relevant end screens
  • Add cards into the video (if applicable)
  • Create a public post on YouTube and share the video
  • Add content into the public post with your keyword included
  • Include an external link within public post
  • Like the public post
  • Add your video into Facebook Page and Groups
  • Embed your video within your website
  • Edit captions to ensure keyword is there if needed
  • Post video on as many Google properties as you can
  • Publish and reply all comments (unless abusive/nasty)
  • Like all positive comments
  • Include an external link within public post
  • Like the public post
  • Add video to Facebook Page and Groups
  • Embed the video within your website
  • Edit captions to include keywords (if needed)
  • Publish video on as many Google properties you can
  • Publish and reply to all comments (unless abusive/nasty)
  • Like all positive comments
  • Comment on relevant videos and channels often

If you follow all of the above checklist steps and allow natural time for your channel to grow in views and authority, I can promise you will start to see some great subscribers and watch numbers for your videos. Also know that some videos take time, whilst others take off quickly. Be in it for the long term and as your channel grow, so will your views and subscriber count.

I hope you found the above checklist helpful and can see great value in the above steps to grow your authority and YouTube channel.

I will make it available for download very soon and link to it from here.

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