You are NOT alone with your FEAR

After spending time in one of the many sessions within the marketing event in Portugal I was left with a bit of an aha moment…

The thing about the session was that it was very personal to each and every person that took part.

I am talking around 40 top marketers, speaking one to one on a personal and emotional level.

I mean REALLY connecting…

Revealing their innermost desires, fears and what is holding them back within their business.

What did I take away from that session?

The main thing I realised was that everybody, no matter how successful their business is, has fears and things that hold them back.

Everybody has very similar feelings about themselves, how they socialise and connect with others.

Basically what I took away from that session was that as IM’ers we all have the exact same frustrations, fears, desires and ultimately things that hold us back.

We all have the same battle going on internally!


There were those there who are very successful, have built successful businesses and yet they are also experiencing the exact same issues.

So I sat back and thought about this…

What is it that makes the difference between seeing success and achieving the results you may have right now?

You know what I realised.

The successful people are those that do NOT give up.

They have the same internal struggle, but they persist.

They are determined and they push through or deal with their fears and get stuff done.

It may not be that they are any smarter than you, or lucky, or whatever…

No – they have pushed themselves to ACT, even whenever they are struggling with the internal thoughts and emotions that we ALL deal with.

Why not step back and look at who you consider successful!

You know what – They have the SAME fears, yet they also have success – HOW?

They have never ever given up, listened to that little voice, listened to peer pressure…

They have got used to and worked outside of their comfort zone.

…and that’s the difference!

If you stay within your comfort zone, then you are going to get the exact same results you are already getting.

So take this as a kick in the ass and get to working outside your comfort zone, know that we all have these fears and struggles, yet we forge ahead and get stuff done and that is where the real magic happens!

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