Why You MUST Have A Goal Of Marketing Within Your Business

You have to have a goal of marketing not only within your business, but in each and every step within this business.

Now do not get to worried about this, as once I explain this, you will hopefully have a few aha moments.

So here is what a goal of marketing looks like in stages.

What is the 30,000 foot view?

You have a main strategy. You have something for sale and you are looking to sell this online.

Now you have to look at the HOW you are going to market and sell it.

  • Is it going to be via affiliates?
  • Your blog?
  • Podcasts?
  • Paid ads?
  • Webinars?

You get the picture. Firstly you need to know how you plan to sell your products.

This is GOAL Number 1

Now what you have to do is break each and every stage of the process down. I mean right down to the nuts and bolts of each and every page from the very first click to the last click.

Consider this all the way from entry point to exit of your funnel.

This can also include your social media strategy (but we won’t focus on the social media for now)

What you HAVE to do is consider your traffic like babies!

That means if you offer anything more than a single and clearly defined goal on each page, they will leave or possibly get confused. You have to make it 100% clear what it is they have to do at each stage. If you don’t you are going to lose them or they will drop off and you leak traffic.

This can be costly if you are paying for this traffic.

Each and every page has to have ONE single goal.

Right from the first click, you have a goal – Get the Click!

Then the next page has ONE SINGLE GOAL – The Optin

and so on…

ONE goal per stage, all leading to an ultimate goal.

Now this does sound simple, but when people put it into action they cross lines and get confused with this.

They try to put too much onto their optin pages

They leak traffic on their download pages.

…or they have too complex of a funnel.

ALL of your steps has to have one simple action.

This is also true with your email copy as well.

The Email subject line has one goal

The Open…

The email copy

The Click…

The Lead Magnet

The Optin…

You Must Have Coherence within your funnel

Each and EVERY step of your marketing has to have a clearly defined goal building towards and ultimate main goal.

Right from your lead magnet you have to have a goal with your Lead Magnet and this mini funnel.

Your copy and the message you convey have to be coherent within each stage, otherwise there will be a disconnect, and people will leave or drop off. So with that said, the headline you use in your ad must relate to the copy on your optin page.

Then your next step has to be a logical step from this.

You may think that it all makes sense, but you must make sure the copy is similar, the branding is similar, all linking from the previous step to the next step. Look to ensure each stage is fully coherent with the previous.

This should also be relatively easy when you have a complete plan for your funnel from beginning to end. Make sure it is a logical progression to get to the next step and the pages and copy are coherent.

I hope by now you are having the ‘aha’ moment’s I referred to.

Yes – It sounds simple, yet I see so many people who try to do too much within their funnels. This is why I STRESS that you must always have a goal of marketing for your whole business and each and every stage, page and element in between…


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