Why You MUST Be Consistent and Persistent With Your Business and Marketing

Welcome to Podcast episode 13:

Why You MUST Be Consistent and Persistent With Your Business and Marketing

If you have been following my journey, then you may know of the turmoil that is happening in my personal life. This goes a long way to explain why I am currently struggling with my online business’s focus and getting back to my online business in full.

In the main, I have a lot of other stuff going on that I have to deal with, plus I also struggle to focus or spend the required time in order for me to gain proper momentum.

That left me struggling with being persistent and consistent in my promise of releasing a new Podcast episode every week.

This is something I do want to do, for both myself and for my subscribers and listeners.

On the inside of todays episode I discuss why it is important that you must be consistent and persistent with your efforts.

I also reference someone why now has celebrity status, but it only took him 25 years of hard work and effort to get there.

The main takeaway I wish to get across in this episode is look to be consistent with your efforts and never give up even when you are thinking things are not going your way.

Whilst you are being dedicated and focused to your consistency, you are also getting better at what it is you do. Meaning that when it is your time to shine you are prepared, ready and have put in the ground work up front.

Just like in the case of this very Podcast, by being consistent and focusing on delivering an episode every week, I am growing my podcasting skills, presentation skills, content library, and subscriber base one episode and subscriber at a time.

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