May 11

Why you don’t require expensive equipment to brand yourself on video


Why you don’t require expensive equipment to brand yourself on video

Today I am discussing why you don’t require expensive equipment to brand yourself on video.

Many people feel they have to ensure everything is perfect or just right before they are willing to create, upload and publish a video in order to self brand themselves and grow their businesses.

For them, things have to be perfect, in the right moment and setting and as we all know, quite often things are NEVER perfect.

This means that many people give in to these fears and as a result they never even create a video or they create very few.

Yet others and pushing out daily videos at lighting speed.

These people are the action takers. Or more importantly they may be the kind of people that will seize the moment and use whatever is at hand, and good is good enough.

So what camp are you in when you create videos?

The ‘Has to be perfect‘ camp?

The ‘Seize the moment‘ camp?

If you are in the ‘Has to be perfect camp’ the good news is, you can change this!

Yet there are others that feel they need high end productions or the perfect setup to start recording video to begin branding and promoting their business and themselves online.

Learn to recognise the symptoms

I need a better camera

I need better lighting

My videos won’t look just as good as person xyz…

This means you don’t create and publish your videos.

You don’t gain the essential experience of creating video and more importantly making mistakes as you progress, learning and growing your skills and experience in the process.

You miss the opportunity to get your inspired idea recorded and posted.

Simply put, by being in the ‘has to be perfect camp’ you miss a lot of the action.

So the reason for todays post?

You most likely already HAVE the necessary equipment needed to create decent to good video for your online business.

If you have a modern smart phone, then you most definitely have.

Challenge yourself to just seize the moment and record with whatever you have. Get your ideas or inspiration captured and record that video. Get your message and voice out there and people will begin to recognise you as one of the ‘action takers’

If you stay in the ‘Has to be perfect camp’ the question I have for you today is:

What’s holding you back?

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