Why Pleasing EVERYBODY Could Actually Be Harming Your Online Business

Look, I get it…

You are aiming to please people and grow your online business.

But did you realise that THIS could actually be harming your business?

How could that possibly happen?

By trying to please everybody, you cannot effectively serve any of your customers.

You are also doing what everybody else is doing. So you are pretty much the same as 99% of other people working online.

You are playing it safe, scared to offend or turn people away.

By playing it safe, you are sitting on the fence and not really providing a different level of service, and not appealing to anyone.

These are the reasons why are you are NOT standing out from the crowd…

…Think about this

Are you guilty of the ‘me too’ syndrome?

You are constantly watching others…

…Checking them out

Comparing yourself.

Keeping up with what others are doing?

The my advice to you is


…By doing this you will never stand out from the crowd.

You will simply blend in with all of the noise others are making.

If you truly want to make a difference to your business and your results, then look to do your own thing within your business.

Forget about what others are doing

…Actually, who cares what they are doing

Set off doing your own thing and you will stand out from the ‘Me too’ crowd.

Bring your own personality into your business and people will warm to you.

Who cares if that also drives people away.

As you cannot always keep everybody happy.

In-fact, if you are doing things correctly, you do NOT want to be aiming to please everybody.

So be yourself, carve your own path and bring as much of your personality into your business.

Doing this shows you are a real person, people get to know, like and trust you. By doing this will help those people choose you over another person.

So pose yourself this question

What could I do differently in my business?

Then seek to do it…

Be yourself, stand out, be YOU, and trust me, over time people will get to know, like and trust you for who YOU are! As a result there are people who WILL want to do business with you. Because you are different, you caught their eye, you stood out to them from the noise of others.

Do not get caught up in what others are doing. They are not you, and do not have the experience or skills you have.

This is what makes you unique and different to others.

My advice is to embrace your differences and  seek to carve your own path…

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Chris Cole is passionate about online technology, video and audio. He is from Northern Ireland and has been working online since 2009. He likes to write about his marketing journey online and is also a lover of all thing Video and Podcast related. Follow Chris' journey and while you're here - Watch out for the new Broadcast Geeks Podcast that is coming soon. If you like this site, then why not come and join Chris over inside the Broadcast Geeks Facebook Group (Click Here) https://www.facebook.com/groups/broadcastgeeks

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