Why Knowing What Personality Type You Have Matters

So todays Podcast episode is a little different.

First of all I have lost my voice

If you listen in, you will hear that I sound quite different.

I explain why inside the episode… ­čÖé

In todays episode I also discuss why I have been struggling recently.

Or at least some of the things that I personally struggle with for my online business.

One of such is actually something that is a part of my personality.

I simply can’t help this at times.

I deliberate and can take a lot of time to make decisions.

That leave me stalled or sitting idle whilst time slips away before I finally make my decision.

One such decision is where do I host my digital products moving forward?

I was planning to use this domain Broadcast Geeks, but I also got thinking that while it is okay, the name does not lead towards digital content and the Make Money Online area as well as it could.

I also own a domain Simple Digital Profits, and this is the one I have been leaning towards.

but the decision of making that final move is actually holding me up.

I can’t help this at times – It is in my personality.

I recently completed one of those personality type questionnaires and the results amazed me.

They literally hit the nail on the head with my personality.

Here are my personality results:

Said I am a Loyalist and I agree with the explanation: (totally me)

Your Ennegram personality type is the Loyalist. The driving force in your life is faith. Whether it be religious faith or faith in an ideal or goal, you are deeply committed to strongly held beliefs about the world. You are prone to worrying and your greatest fear is lacing love and support from a reliable group of friends and supporters. When unbalanced you often find yourself unable to make decisions and seek reassurance in others. When you trust your intuition and your inner compass, you’re incredibly courageous. Your ideals have mind blowing potential. Trust yourself, rely less on others, and stay true to your cause. The world is truly your oyster.

This is totally me. I am ALL of this deep down – I couldn’t agree with this any more

I struggle at times in making decisions, I seek reassurance in others.

Yet whenever I am in motion I can act and complete things at blistering speed.

It is what has inspired me to pose the question to you today.

What personality type are you?

If you know this, then some of the actions (or inactions) may begin to make sense to you.

You may have a deeper understanding of why you do things.

and by understanding this means you can adapt or deal with it in your own way.

it could also help you be more productive and get a lot more done…


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