Why I am happy my audience is still small

Today I am discussing why I am actually happy and glad that my Podcast audience is still relatively small.

In the past I used to get frustrated whenever I didn’t seem to be getting the results I thought I deserved.

I would build something, not see the results and then stop.

Only for me to end up starting something else, then repeating the process.

Today is different

I am happy my audience is still small

and here is why:

I am still learning

I am now at episode 32 of my Podcast and growing. I still have a lot to learn as I progress and this enables me to learn without the worry of having a larger audience watching my mistakes as I progress.

I can make my mistakes now

If I make a mistake, my smaller audience may not notice it or even they may see it, but I don’t have the same pressure on me. I openly share that my Podcast is a journey and that I have to learn and make my mistakes as I progress.

I have to grow my skills

I want to get better at creating Podcasts, creating content and freely talking behind the microphone. Following on from last week’s episode where I said if you want to get better at something, you need to do MORE of it. I am doing exactly that. While I progress, make my mistakes and learn, I an also getting very valuable lessons and growth with my skills. Meaning over times I simply HAVE to improve and my skills with audio, content and Podcasting will grow.

I have to grow my audience and followers

Nothing is ever grown overnight. Likewise people have to become aware of me, who I am, what I stand for and then find my Podcast. I know it will take time and I am happy with that.

I want to have a catalog of back content

This platform BroadcastGeeks.com is my main hub and part of my long-term strategy is for growing my digital business. Part of what I want to have is a place where people can research me, find out more about my products, my podcast and eventually grow to know like and trust me enough for them to make purchases of my products I have for sale.

In order for me to do that I have been building my solid hub and content library in the form of the Podcast, Blog Posts, Lead Magnets and more. It gives me somewhere to direct people to, and it also is a place where people can research me without any pressure. That way they can decide if they wish to follow me and or purchase some of my digital products I have for sale.

I am not ready for a larger audience

Yes I mean that. At the moment I am still growing my skills, making my mistakes and finding my voice. Meaning that I am not actually ready for a larger audience. I have to grow myself into the person who will be ready for the audience, and for me to do that it is going to take me one episode at a time and pure consistency to I grow myself to a places where I am ready for the growth.

This is an outlet for me

With my podcast and blog I can chat about what I feel like. I can talk about my personal life, business, good days and bad days. It is all up to me and what I wish to talk about. I can pretty much talk about what I want.

It also gives people who do follow me the knowledge that there will be good and bad days. Business has it’s up’s and downs. I am very transparent with that and I hope by doing so, I inspire others to keep taking consistent action.

I have to find and develop my voice

I have a message in my heart, I also have opinions and I need to keep publishing my episodes so that I may grow and develop my voice. I need to grow my skills, my authority and in doing so I will also grow in confidence and have my own unique perspective on things, have a distinct voice that is totally me, my voice and from my heart.

I am using my blog and Podcast as the place where I am seeking to develop myself, my skills and grow myself as a person. in doing so you can follow along with my journey, gain inspiration and maybe set off on your own unique journey. 🙂

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