Why Digital Product Creation is Such an Amazing and Lucrative Business

In todays show I wanted to discuss and reveal why I personally believe digital product creation is such an amazing and lucrative business model.

I have experienced both, and can tell you from experience setting up a traditional business compared to an online business, and know of the associated costs and financial drain that a traditional business can be in comparison to an online business.

On the inside of todays Podcast, I reveal that you can setup and run a complete digital product business on a shoestring AND with very high return on investment and profit levels compared to most traditional buinesses.

Literally you can create a business without overheads – and startup costs are minimal

What you require to setup an Online Business

  • A Computer, Web hosting, and an idea…
  • There is minimal startup risk as opposed to the risks involved with a traditional business
  • You have full control of what you create and sell
  • You can make money from your knowledge, skills and experience 
  • Product creation is not hard at all

What products can I create?

They can be in the form of PDFs, Ebooks, Videos, Tutorials, Webinars, basically anything that can be accessed online and delivered digitally, although you can sell physical DVDs and Books, but this increases the bases costs and also means your customers are reliant on the post and waiting on the item to be delivered. 

With digital delivery product access can be instant

Likewise with digital content you are never limited to stock levels

you can create multiple products

Turning your funnels into near Passive income

Digital products brand YOU!

Yes – this is a by product of creating and selling your own digital products. Your products brand you, your business and grow your authority in the eyes of your customers.

…Simply by you doing the work, creating the products and selling them.

Digital Products give you Leverage!

When you create your own products you have built your very own assets.

They give you the leverage to do whatever you want with them. You can set the prices, when and where you sell them, you can offer as bonuses or add into your very own membership program.

It is basically up to you what you do with these assets.

You can offer generous commissions and attract Affiliates

When you attract affiliates – think extra sales, more traffic, new customers and other people driving the sale for you.

This can be your very own promotionial army out there working for you. They are making the recommendations to their following and bringing you in the new custom. The trade off is you give the affiliate the commission for bringing you the new customers.

Other Benefits of Digital Product Creation

I know from experience that when you create and sell your own informational product it also open a lot of other doors for you. One such example is it will boost your affiliate commissions as you now have a list of customers interesed in your product. This means they may also be interested in similar or related products. If you make the recommendation, then a percentage of those will buy and you in return get the commissions.

The more you grow your product base, the bigger your following and brand will grow, meaning your business can literally compund and grow overnight (think of a rolling snowball…)

I LOVE Digital Product Creation

I literally LOVE this topic and it is something I will visit and return to talk about here on BroadcastGeeks and within future Podcast episodes. This is a subject close to my heart and I invite all and any questions or comments you may have.

If you do have any, please add them below or reach out to me on Facebook and I will seek to help you where possible.

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      June 18, 2017

      Hi Mustapha thank you for being a reader, digital product creation is something I am very passionate about.