Why Automating Your Online Business is Essential

Today I am discussing automation and why I believe automating your online business is essential.

I understand we all have busy lives…

Also with an online business, there is just SO many things we need to do!

So if we can embrace automation and use this to our advantage, then we are going to make things easier for ourselves.

Heck – we might even set up systems that will drive sales for us, without us needing to do any additional work

Take for example this very Blog Post and associated Podcast Episode. 

This has been automated.

I am away on 30th October and will not be here to publish a post or my weekly instalment of my Podcast.

So I created it over a week in advance and set the automation rules for it to go live on October 30th!

Automation is your friend

It can take many of the mundane tasks and save you time or completely remove the need for you to physically do them.

Saving you time and stress…

If you look at a sales funnel in the online world, it is essentially a sequence of automation

customer enters the funnel via an optin or purchase.

they then are forwarded to another offer (upsell)

if they decline, and there are no further offers, then the automation is set to deliver the customer to their product.

Email marketing and automation

There are methods you can employ with your email marketing that enables amazing automation.

If we take the older established methods of email marketing

you set a series of emails to be delivered to a prospect on a time based sequence.

So when the day arrive, the prospect receives the scheduled email.


This works and has been used by MANY email marketers for years to their advantage.

Many of which making plenty of sales without needing to do anything themselves.

Modern email marketing automation sequences are the hidden funnels

Now I am not saying that to imply this is sneaky or anything.

In fact quite the opposite…

They are intelligent, action based sequences of events.

Basically this means different things happen dependant upon the actions an individual prospect takes.

Lets take one simple product offer

lets say I sent out and email, I know that roughly 3 things that will happen…

  1. You do not open the email
  2. You open and read the email but do not take action
  3. You open the email, click the link and purchase

Based on this, I could set different sequences to happen for a prospect in all 3 eventualities.

Meaning if you did not open I can re-send a different email or offer

if you opened but didn’t take action, then I know this and can market accordingly

and if you opened and purchased, then I would remove you from one sequences and maybe add you into another offer.

Now imaging the marketers who have say 12 such offers  within their automation sequence.

It means they could be automating their emails to a prospect for a full year, without the need for any additional input from the person who set it up.

All the marketer simply needs to do is drive new prospects into their entry points and the automation does all of the rest for them.

Making them sales

mailing offers


Just think how powerful this is for a marketer.

It leaves them free to create more offers, drive new sales and then they let automation continue selling for them…

Then consider automation of your social media

You post on Facebook, then automation can take over and share this across Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and may more – automatically.

Saving you the time to do something else.

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