Why Attending Industry Events is Crucial For Your Business Success

You may not have realised it, but industry events can be the difference between seeing success and not…

I 100% believe that everyone MUST get to industry events as often as they possibly can.

That is why I have titled todays post:

Why Attending Industry Events is Crucial For Your Business Success

If you have been following along with my journey, then you will know that over the last few blog posts I have told you that I was going to Portugal to attend an industry event.

I even automated last weeks Podcast and blog post as I knew that I would be travelling and therefore unable to record and publish my weekly post in time for my followers.

Hence why I batch processed episodes and scheduled the content to go live.

I am now home from my event and I had an AMAZING time!

Here are some photos from our recent event in Portugal

As you can see from a small selection of the shared photos that we had a complete blast. The event was AMAZING and the people we met were also AMAZING and some long term true friendships made.

Here are some tips to get the most out of attending events

Be as social as you possibly can.

Make friends, shake hands and have a laugh about anything. In-fact, don’t worry if you rarely talk business. It will eventually make it’s way to business, and if not, you have still made a friend that you can eventually chat business with.

Know what speakers interest you.

Know what you are looking to learn, from whom and them make sure and attend their talks. If you can shake their hands and get chatting with them around the event, bar, hotel or wherever you can. You will actually find that most people will be happy to chat, give advice and chat to you.

Don’t make it all about business

There is no bigger turn off than someone who only wants to talk business. Yes I understand people may have limited time, but you can also have a laugh, make friends and build solid relationships WITHOUT ever needing to discuss the latest conversion tactics.

You will learn more in the bar/pool than you may realise

This is where the REAL business is done. Simply having a beer with someone and then the conversation may turn to business. I have personally heard two different people in conversations like this in Portugal say that the nugget shared was worth the total cost of the trip. Meaning they know the real value in what someone just shared with them and they know that by implementing that, they are going to benefit.

Keep the connections alive

Whenever you get home from the event, make sure you shoot the people a message and keep chatting. You have made new friends, so keep in touch with them. Again it doesn’t always have to be about business. You can chat sports, family or whatever you both find in common. Trust me, you will eventually get to sharing of advice or business.

Final thoughts on Industry Events

Just ensure you book yourself onto as many as you can. You will make massive leaps and bounds with your business by attending these events and the connections you make. The cost of attending is negligible and events are something you MUST do if you wish to grow your online business.

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