What are your TRUE motives for marketing online?

Today I am posing a question to you – What are your TRUE motives for marketing online?

I can nearly guarantee most people will instantly think to themselves…

…Duh, Chris!

To Make Money

Why else?

Let me stop you there…

I say that, yes, money is a factor!

…but is this what makes you tick?

I mean, really tick within your online business?

I ask, is it REALLY your motivation?

You see if you are purely motivated by money and nothing else, then you most likely will not see the results or amount of money you’re after.

However, if you actually care about your customers,

or if you actually care about making a difference

or if you get a buzz out of helping others…

Is this what really motivates you online?

It took for me to realise that whilst making money in my business is essential for the business to continue, I would rather conduct business from a place where I can genuinely help people.

It is also the reason why I have not brought any of my older digital products back online for sale…

It is the reason why I have been deep in the labs creating brand new products.

It is the reason why I have created the following introduction to my products moving forward:

I have one mission in life… It only took me 43 years to work this out, but that also means I have 43 years worth of experience to bring to the table.

Inside this report and ALL of my products moving forward, I am going to teach and transform from the heart, It is what gives me the most pleasure. Yes I am going to build a business out of this, but at the core is a guy with a huge heart, a LOT of knowledge and a pure desire to help YOU – my readers and followers.

With my products, I will put my heart and soul to transforming and helping others. Not only that, but if I can help to transform you, then in turn you can go out and help to transform others…

That alone is worth it for me…

I want you to learn from this product and my knowledge, then take action on what I am teaching you. Please do not read this, then do nothing with it. What I cover in the following pages works. All you have to do is Trust in the system I reveal, use it, work at it and you will begin to see positive results within your online business.

This is in fact a digital product that has been lovingly written here in my office in Northern Ireland and now it is in your hands in your world, country and home. That could be anywhere from USA, Canada, Australia, India, Europe or anywhere in between…

Just think about the power of that.

I am able to reach out, teach and transform from my little part of the world and with the experiences and teachings that I have poured into the pages of this digital product.

You too could do the same when you begin your digital product creation journey.

The above statement is exactly what is on the inside of my products. Likewise my customers also know exactly how to reach out to me and they will receive a reply.

I am here to make a difference  and that is what my driving factors are.

I want to change people’s lives

I will transform people from where they are now and hopefully to a better place in their business.

Why am I so confident?

I have been online since 2009 and I know a wealth of knowledge. This knowledge is information and a skill that I can share with others. I can help people create better businesses, get more reach and ultimately begin making their own sales.

So with that end, I am here to make a difference for YOU. All you need to do is absorb the information I provide inside my Podcast and also use the channels I give you to get in touch with me or open a discussion.

You can also add yourself onto my list for future updates.

Speak soon




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