What you need to do in order to get better at something

What you need to do in order to get better at something

Want to know?

it really is quite simple…

Do something MORE! A LOT more…

Consider my Podcast

I am now onto episode 31, and whilst I have had thoughts of stopping it, I also have personal reasons for creating the weekly show.

I want to get better in front of the microphone

I want to get better and creating audio content

I want to get better at coming up with content ideas

So I have pushed myself and I created an episode each and every week up to episode 31…

Elite athletes are also people who do more of something to get better at it

Look at an elite athlete

how have they become so good at this?

They have trained

pushed themselves

worked for it…

…had failures or setbacks along the way

but they persisted.

and this is something you MUST do if you want to get better at something!

So here is what to do if you want to get better at something

Set yourself a challenge and run with it.

I will give you an example: My previous (2 times) 30 Days of Video challenges

This has helped me grow my video skills and my video creation techniques.

It has also helped to grow one of my YouTube channels to the 2K plus subscribers that I have today.

I also now have thousands of views on my channel as a result of this.

All as a result of me doing MORE videos in order to get better at them.

You can also push yourself like this!

Look at what it is you fear or have been avoiding, but want to get better at.

Then do MORE of it.

Set yourself challenges

Set out to master it

Even if it is for free

Just get out there and DO IT, master it and get better with that skill.

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