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 May 9, 2020

By  Chris

I wanted to mark the date. Say hello and welcome you to the Broadcast Geek blog.

My name is Chris Cole and I have been a self-confessed ‘Geek’ for as long as I can remember and this is why I have decided to build upon this platform.

I have owned this domain name and brand for quite sometime and had several half-hearted attempts on building out something on here. But life and other projects got in the way. However I keep coming back to this as this is exactly what I want to do moving forward.

For now I just wanted to say hello, welcome and I hope that I will eventually get to know you.

Chris …


Chris Cole is a self-confessed 'GEEK' when it comes to anything technology related. Coming from a technical background with a full time training career, Chris loves to bring his two passions of technology and teaching together within this website, videos and products.

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