This ONE thing made a massive difference in my business

Today I am discussing the ONE thing made a massive difference in my online business

Using this, I was able to generate $43,750.10 on ONE platform.

I have made more in other accounts and in other platforms.

I just wanted to let that sink in for a second…

That’s just shy of $44,000!

So it’s that POWERFUL…

What is even better is that the part that made the difference now only take me 20 minutes to do.

Now I am NOT saying it is 20 minutes to generating that style of income. No, I am saying the part that made the difference, and the part I attribute to driving my business now only take me 20 minutes.

I still have a bit of work to do, but when I spend this 20 minutes or so, then that leaves me knowing what it is I need to be doing, I know what it is people are seeking and I simply work towards giving it to them.

Problems and Solutions

Basically what you need to do is get to know your niche.

Research what it is they struggle with, where they have problems and you then seek to provide the solutions.

How can you help them?

Then go do the research and provide it to them.

If you do, then people will be instantly attracted to you.

They will optin for your lead magnets.

They will purchase your products.

How do I know?

It is what I do.

It’s what I did to generate that $43,750.10 on one platform.

This was spurred on from a simple conversation.

I was told to STOP what I was currently doing and to take the time and research the problems and solutions within my niche.

If I could successfully do that, then record this, not it down and then begin on providing the solutions.

When I carried out my research I quickly realised that my previous content did not have a strategy.

I was not providing solutions, or discussing the problems.

When I my mindset changed, people were drawn to my content.

My list began to grow from people opting in for my lead magnets.

I began to sell my content and earn a handsome profit from doing so.

and this is why I urge you to stop what you are doing and go research.

Look at what it is your niche are struggling with…

Look at how you can help them.

Look at where can you provide solutions.

If you can do this, then you have an amazing advantage over others and you will begin to see growth in your business from your efforts.

it really is the best way to begin making money online.

If you stumble across others providing solutions for the same things you had been planning, then this is actually a GOOD sign.

It means you are onto something and you should pursue this.

So get out there, look for the problems and begin to provide the solutions within your niche!


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