The Top 5 Podcast Directories Where Your Podcast Should be Available For Dowload

If you are new to Podcasting, then one of the main things that are going to be on your mind when you are launching your show is growing your listener base and gaining that all-important following.

In order to do that, you have to look at getting your Podcast listed in front of as many people as possible.

You are looking to gain maximum exposure for your show.

That being said, you will be looking to find out where are the best places to list your show to get the most downloads and listeners and ultimate exposure for your show.

You will also find that the traffic that is generated will vary from platform to platform and also

Here is my List of The Top 5 Places Where Your Podcast Should be Available.

I have listed the platforms in order of importance (in my opinion).

  • iTunes
  • Stitcher Radio
  • Google Play
  • Soundcloud
  • Tunein Radio

I believe that you should look to list your show in as many locations as you possibly can, however the main ones are of course always best.

To get maximum results ensure you list within the top 5 Podcast Directories.

So best advice, is always look to list with iTunes, Sticher, Google Play and Soundcloud where possible.

There are of course many other directories that you can list within, but the above are where all of the main shows are listed.

To me – it is the 80/20 rule, where the 20% of sites to list within will get you 80% (if not more) of your listeners.

iTunes – This is the king of the Podcast directories in my opinion and is a MUST if you have a Podcast. They have a large portion of the market and getting your Podcast listed within iTunes is something you should do first thing. This would be your first port of call and all Podcast should be listed in iTunes.

Stitcher Radio – As a second port of call, my recommendation is to list in Stitcher, as this is one of the best non Apple directories for Podcasters. Make sure you also list here to get the main share of android and non Apple users, although Apple users can also avail of Stitcher.

Google Play – This is newer on the block, and with the power that Google have, I fully expect them to be taking a larger portion of the Podcast listeners and listings market. Listing here just makes total sense, and you should make sure you have listed with Google Play.

Soundcloud – Traditionally this platform is setup for music and audio, but Podcasters can also list here and grow a following. It is a simple platform with an in built audience that can access your content and subscribe to you within Soundcloud. This platform also has good social media integration.

Tunein – this is traditionally a streaming radio service via the internet. It has a lot of users and their share of Podcasters and listeners is growing, so well worth listing your show in there.


Are you having good results in a different Podcast directory?

If so, then I want to hear from you, please join us inside the Facebook group or leave a comment below.

That way I can look to update my list and ensure our readers are kept up to date with what is best for them and listing of their Podcasts.

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