The ONE Skill You MUST Learn If You Have an Online Business

Today I am discussing the ONE Skill You MUST Learn If You Have an Online Business.

What is that you might ask?

Could it be Blogging?

Video Marketing?

or even Podcasting?

Whilst they are all great skills to learn, I am referring to effective copywriting.

Now I know many of you may be thinking…

Aghh… Copy? Really..?

Bear with me here.

I will explain why.

Take even a simple Blog post. You mightn’t have considered this, but you require some level of copywriting skills to write one that engages your readers.

You have to entice the readers in with an intriguing title.

Then your content has to flow in a manner that keeps them reading.

If you then have a call to action (and you should), then you have to persuade your readers to take action.

This is basically using simple (but effective) copywriting techniques.

If you next consider a simple squeeze page.

You have limited elements.

Typically a pre-headline, headline and sub-headline and an optin box….

That’s it…

So you must have enticing copy within the headlines on order for the prospects to enter their details.

If you then are emailing your followup email marketing list, then you simple HAVE to use copywriting to get the best results.

Your subject line copy has to be intriguing or interesting enough to grab your readers attention and gets them to open and read your email.

Then the body of your email. It has to flow, tell a story and most importantly engage your readers.

When you have a cal to action (CTA), then you need to persuade your readers to take action and click your link or go to your offer.

All classic copywriting techniques.

My reason for todays post was inspired by my journey into writing sales copy again for my business.

In the past I got out of the way of it as I outsourced it to free my time up to keep pushing forward.

Now I am back at a slower pace, I want to write my own sales copy and that is why I have been researching and thinking a lot about sales copy recently.

Here is my simple copywriting checklist:

Create an awesome hook –  to instantly grab the prospects attention.

Know your prospect – know them better than they know themselves.

Create an irresistible offer – something the prospect simply cannot pass on.

Write and engaging story – tell stories, your troubles, pains and finding the solution.

Weave in the benefits of the product – what will change in your prospects life by accessing the product?

Provide solutions – for people in fear, pain, or with passion

Provide proof – where possible show stats, screenshots or information backing up your claim

Thread in scarcity – tell the prospects that this amazing deal will not be around forever, the price may rise or features may change.

Offer a guarantee – let your prospects know if they have an issues, you are there for them.

Add in a payment method – you want to get paid? then make sure there is a way for them to purchase.

This is no hard and fast rule of copywriting.

In fact there are hundreds of courses and books on the subject, but my advice to you is to have fun with it.

Learn from it by watching your conversion percentages and if something works, then increase that or keep doing that.

Over time you will improve and see better results.

It is a skill, you CAN learn it and it will always stand you in good stead for your online business.


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