The Art Of Turning Online Customers Into Clients With Richie Nolan

Would you like to turn your customers into clients?

Turning your customers into clients is always something you should be looking to do with your online business. THIS is what takes your business to the NEXT level and increases the income you generate for your business online.

The concept of this is, you deliver more for your customers, and as a result the customer becomes more closely engaged with you and your business.

You should always be taking them up through your value ladder to the point where they become highly valued clients, coaching students and people who are willing to invest in YOU and your business.

If you are interested doing in that, then todays episode is perfect for you!

Why is that?

Let me tell you a little about todays guest Richie Nolan.

  • Richie has personally closed over $2.4 million (and counting) in online sales
  • He was the TOP sales person within his previous place of work
  • He specialises in turning your customers into a client
  • Has made in excess of 2000 phone calls turning these customers into clients
  • Never employs any hard sales tactics when on a call
  • He has a unique approach to doing what he does.
  • Closes at 80% rate from Application to call.

And what is great about that, is I managed to get him live onto a call to deliver value for my subscribers and followers.

Once I had him on the call, I also pushed Richie with my questions and he not only delivered, but exposed more than he has ever done in the past.

Meaning YOU get to benefit from him revealing this information.

Basically, whenever I had him on a call and was not going to let him go until I got as much helpful information from Richie as I could for you my listeners and followers.

Ive got to say Chris, you really, really dug deep and got stuff out of me that I have NEVER revealed before…

These are the exact words from Richie from within the call.

Welcome to The Art Of Turning Online Customers Into Clients With Richie Nolan

Richie begins by telling us his back story on how he went from struggling, broke, out of work actor and on to heading up an elite a sales team specialising in closing online sales turning customers into highly engaged clients.

When he first started working in his new job he excelled – but didn’t initially understand just how well he was doing with the sales he was making.

It seems he found his true gift with this line of work.

On the call Richie and I will discussed online and digital sales, and how you can change your results by focusing on and adjusting a few key elements within your sales processes…

He has worked with some of the best online marketers, learning and applying their processes and bringing this into his own business.

He has even closed several single sales in excess of $50K per sale, and discusses that inside the call.

This is the very first session that I intend to run with Richie, as I know he has MORE to give, and I will look for him to be a regular feature on the show. 

My advice to you is – if you do not know who Richie is then you simply MUST get in touch with him and see if he is able to help you with your business as this is his speciality. I personally know of others who he has helped, and by helping I mean literally changed the fortunes of their businesses from average to excelling very quickly.

That said they did already have a customer base, it simply took Richie working with them to turn these customers into clients for them.

If you want to WATCH the full event, then click this link and you can go access the live webinar and see it as it happened.

Here Are MY Top Takeaways from the Call

  • Always have a Value Ladder within your business
  • Learn what pain your customers have and look to solve your customers pain
  • Focus on your Webinar Closing Percentages
  • There are MANY different types of traffic online (find the best one for you)
  • Differences between closing Warm Traffic VS Cold Traffic

I advise you to listen in to the call and take notes, enjoy it and if you have any questions, please make sure and drop them into the comments are below!

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