Sometimes you’ve just got to get on with life… (no matter what happens)

I have to set goals that I am going to work towards in the remainder of 2017, and this is what I will be working on moving forward with my online business.

After what has happened in my life recently, I needed to find something that I can focus on and work towards, but also fit in with my life and things happening offline.

I published on Facebook what happened and if you aren’t aware, I have had a very traumatic time with the birth of and passing of my baby daughter Emily Cole.

This is why I have reset my goals and focus moving forward in 2017 and beyond. I needed to get back to something PLUS I needed to have something I could work on in my time at my pace and enjoy the process.

What are My Goals?

  • Have a Best Selling Kindle Book
  • Build a Profitable Funnel
  • Create my Own Coaching Program…

I would love you to follow along with my journey and of course either join me or ask any questions along the way.

About The Author


Chris Cole is passionate about online technology, video and audio. He is from Northern Ireland and has been working online since 2009. He likes to write about his marketing journey online and is also a lover of all thing Video and Podcast related. Follow Chris' journey and while you're here - Watch out for the new Broadcast Geeks Podcast that is coming soon. If you like this site, then why not come and join Chris over inside the Broadcast Geeks Facebook Group (Click Here)

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