My Podcast Setup and Why I struggled in Getting My Podcast Setup

I actually hesitated and struggled (internally) in making the necessary decisions around the initial launch of my podcast. Today I chat about my Podcast setup and why I struggled in getting my podcast setup and launched.

Though as I write this blog post, I can tell you where I am at with my setup.

I have now embedded the recorded, produced and uploaded audio podcast within this post.

believe it or not…

This is Episode 9!!


To date, I have still not officially launched this Podcast.

It is NOT currently listed in iTunes, Stitcher or any of the other Podcasting platforms.

Up to now the ONLY place you could have found this audio content was right here within Broadcast Geeks Website.

So WHY have I been so hesitant in setting up my Podcast?

I have had a few issues that I needed to process before I could proceed.

My Podcast Player Indecision

Firstly I want to chat about my indecision of Podcast players for my show.

Now you may be thinking, Chris…

Why would that hold you back, simply change out the player as you go.

My problem was I own (and use) Audello and while I love this player, if I used this I would or could also use it for my Podcast RSS Feed.

If I decided later on I wanted to change it would mean I may have a lot of work in changing things over.

So I held off…

I was also attracted by some other shiny Podcast players. In-fact, I bought one to test for this site, but sadly for some unknown reason it would not work or it conflicted with other software/plugins that I have installed.

With all of the support tickets, going back and forth, this actually held me up.

Finally I decided enough was enough, and I was just going to forge ahead with Audello and to forget the other shiny players I have seen online.

My Audio Hosting Location Indecision

Again I was torn…

I have had a Soundcloud Pro account for several years and this is where I could have uploaded my files, but the advice from my podcasting community when asked was around 90% of people said NOT to use it…

They say it Soundcloud NOT designed for Podcasting

Not to go there…

But there is also conflicting information that was confusing me…

Soundcloud do actually have information on their site regarding Podcasts. In-fact they have a guide on setting up your Podcast on Soundcloud…

(Confused yet? – I am/Was…)

In the end, I opted to go with the general advice from the Podcast community, I opened an account on one of the major platforms for hosting of Podcast audio

I opted for Libsyn and to be honest I am happy with this, but I still cannot understand why people say to not use Soundcloud.

Now that I have finally ironed out these issues, I am now in a position to begin submitting my Podcast to the directories and getting this content syndicated and out there for the audience to find, download, subscribe and enjoy.

Though, to be honest has taken me a lot longer than I expected to get to this point.

In the meantime, whilst I was holding off, I continued with the creation pieces of my content to keep the momentum going.

So what is my current Podcast Setup and recommended Equipment?

My Audio Editor/Recording Software of Choice

The same community I refer to, were also sharing a special link for a deal with a software that had a charity offer pricing of $1.99

Now this software is designed with radio professionals in mind. It is a fully fledged Radio Editing Software and have very powerful features built in.

They sold a version of Hindenburg Journalist for this minuscule amount of one buck and ninety nice cents ($1.99)… (I simply HAD to pick this up at that amazing price…)

Now in my opinion, this HAS to be one of the best purchases I have made to date. I love a lot of the features of this software.

I bought Hindenburg and now use this to record into, edit and produce my final audio files that I publish within my Podcast.

I find it easy to use, it has auto levelling and some other awesome features that I feel make this purchase a very wise decision indeed.

That said, you can also use a free software called Audacity to create your Podcast. With Audacity you can edit, record and produce your final files ready for uploading into your audio hosting account.

My Microphone and Audio Setup

Now I know my audio is not perfect as of yet. Maybe I am too much of a critic, but I know I still can better the audio that I record and produce. So please bear in mind that I am striving to create good audio quality and this takes time, skill and knowledge, that I am happy to learn and grow as my Podcast grows.

So for me – Producing high quality audio for my podcast  is what I am seeking to achieve as I progress.

It is a ‘work in progress’ for me…

The Podcast equipment I own and use currently are:

Microphone: RODE Procaster (XLR)

Audio Mixing Desk: Behringer Xenyx 1204 USB

Other Equipment: I also have a boom arm and cradle to support my Microphone and park it out of my road when I am not using it.

Web Hosting: I currently have WordPress installed (FREE) and my own private web hosting with  so that I can grow my own website, community and control the content on here.

Can I produce My Podcast on a Budget of for Free?

Yes of course you can. If you wanted to the minimum you would need is a way to record your audio and somewhere to host your audio. That is it!

I would say have a PC or Mac, and an audio hosting service and a simple microphone. If you have this, then you can use Audacity (FREE), and the only thing you need is an audio hosting service, then submit to the services like iTunes and Stitcher radio (FREE).

Are you looking to create or start your own Podcast?

If you happen to be looking to start your own podcast, then I would love to hear from you. I love to chat about equipment, the technical stuff and I truly am a Geek when it comes to this stuff. So please reach out, drop in your comments and follow my journey along the way by subscribing to my podcast and let me know how you are getting on with your Podcast and the launch.

Speak soon

Chris Cole 🙂




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