My Live Streaming Begins

I have been dreaming of, and drawn towards producing live content for a really long time.

Life, however, has always gotten in the way.

Either that or my internal monologue has always talked myself out of it in recent times.

I felt like I wasn’t enough, like I wouldn’t bring value, like people may not want to consume my content.

However I know this to be utter nonsense.

I needed to push through this.

But yet I held off and worried and fussed over the small things.

All of a sudden they got important, they needed to be right, before I could go live.

…another excuse.

So today – 21st May 2020 I took myself live and was in fact Simulcasting to BOTH YouTube and Facebook at the same time.

It felt liberating.

I am glad I did as the results weren’t as bad as I had feared.

Yes I know there are improvements I can make.

Yes I know there are issues with the audio with noise and levels.

But it is a work in progress. It is real and it is myself pushing on the get it done rather than fussing over the smaller details.

I will learn, make mistakes, totally mess up and grow by doings rather than strategising.

So watch this space. I am getting back to my passion of producing content, videos and growing myself out of the ashes of my former ventures.

About the author

Chris Cole has been working online since 2009. Over this time Chris has gained highly valuable online marketing, digital product creation, digital product launches, brand growth skills and is a self confessed GEEK whenever it comes to technology, video, live streaming and audio. There is nothing Chris loves more than being able to teach, inspire and help others online.

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