My Advice is To Catalog Your Journey Online As This Is What People Want

I had been reading a post from Gary Vaynerchuk and it really struck a cord with me.

Within the post he had said the best form of content is to catalog your journey as you progress. Share your lessons, what you are doing and this will actually help both you, but also others along with their journey.

It actually rang true with me as I am currently rebuilding after having to go back to square one and build from nothing all over.

That advice is also what this whole website is about. It is my journey, cataloged and recorded in real time for you the reader to learn, apply and grow your business by following along with what I am currently doing.

So my advice is listen to this, forget about holding content back or getting it ‘just perfect’ that is actually a form of procrastinating and I myself can be guilty of that.

People prefer raw, unedited and real actionable content and information. They would rather see you actually DOING something, rather than talking about what you are going to do, or how you are ‘just waiting’ to fix something.

Forget that…

Get moving, get producing fresh content and get it out there perfect or not – NOW…


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Chris Cole is passionate about online technology, video and audio. He is from Northern Ireland and has been working online since 2009. He likes to write about his marketing journey online and is also a lover of all thing Video and Podcast related. Follow Chris' journey and while you're here - Watch out for the new Broadcast Geeks Podcast that is coming soon. If you like this site, then why not come and join Chris over inside the Broadcast Geeks Facebook Group (Click Here)

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