July 7

Live Streaming and Video creation for the Shy Or Hesitant


Live Streaming and Video creation for the Shy Or Hesitant

Are you shy or hesitant with your Live Streaming and Video creation?

You may be thinking – Help my video or live streams are not good.

Because of that, I am going to wait to they are better.

Yet I ask you this simple question.

How are they going to get better if you do not create and publish your content?
How can you grow if you do not have true experience?

Yes, you can fuss over getting the right look, setting up your audio, getting the lighting correct and even purchasing equipment.

But – are they really distractions?

Be honest with yourself here.

Are they distractions?

If you’re feeling Shy Or Hesitant, then this could be the case and I want you to know that you are NOT alone. I too have and do suffer from the same fear and hesitancy.

You may no doubt experience some or quite a few of the following points:

  • Perfectionism
  • Lack of consistency
  • High expectations or over estimating
  • Missing a deadline and then beating yourself up about it.
  • Burnout
  • Lacking patience
  • Short term mentality
  • Idea generation
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Over complicating things
  • Incorrect niche or no passion for it
  • Feeling shy or reluctant

Here’s the thing about video creation and Live Streaming…

You HAVE to create and publish them in order for you to learn and grow. By creating and publishing your live streams and videos you will undoubtedly make mistakes, but these mistakes are also where the lessons lay.

There is only one true way to growing and mastering your live stream and video content creation skills.

That is by doing.

Getting out there, hitting publish or going live to the world. It is getting into the trenches and putting yourself out there for all to see.

If you make a mistake, then learn from it.

Here are my Steps to growing your skills and gaining that valuable experience so that you can create better live stream or video content.

If you want to get past this shyness or hesitancy do the following

Stop THINKING about live streaming and publishing content
Stop READING about live streaming and publishing content
Stop POSTING about live streaming and publishing content
Stop WATCHING about live streaming and publishing content

And JUST CREATE, move forward at a speed that suits you, but you MUST hit publish or go live. You MUST stop comparing yourself to others and you MUST get that valuable experience and that can only be gained via time within the trenches.

Start with one step

One scheduled live stream

Once video idea

and get past the Live Streaming and Video creation hesitation.

You may not believe it, but I too have experienced the same. I have held off, felt embarrassed and reluctant to go live or creating video content, but I forged ahead by taking little daily positive steps and as I did so, my confidence increased.

If you’d like to chat or add a comment, then reach out to me. I am more than happy to help where possible.

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