Learn To Embrace Your Imperfections

I posted a video today as I wasn’t feeling on top of the world. In fact, I knew this and still managed to get TWO blog posts published on Broadcast Geeks.

Why was I not feeling on top of the world?

I didn’t have a brilliant night sleep last night, and as a result I am tired today.

However, today I am also feeling less enthusiastic about projects that I open up to begin. I also don’t feel just a social, or excited.

That said, I know it will pass once I get a good night sleep…

Now – this is also part of me, and I do get like that when I lack sleep. I have to learn to recognise this and embrace this as an imperfection.

Basically I do not function well when I lose sleep.

This is in NO WAY a Negative post from me!

Rather than this being in ANYWAY negative I wanted to  remind you that we are all human, we can get tired or not function too well on given days, times or in certain circumstances.

I actually have friends that suffer from the S.A.D. syndrome where they suffer every winter for a period of 6-8 weeks.

This is something you have to take time and recognise within yourself.

If and when it happens, learn to go with it.

I still managed quite a bit even though I was feeling like this.

Yes – I managed to get THIS blog post online, plus upload and publish video, and create 2X Blog featured Images. I also posted a blog post on Why pleasing everybody could be harming your business.

Not a bad day in the life of a blogger if I say so myself.

…especially when I wasn’t feeling on top of the world.

So with that said, I would love to hear what it is that affects you, how do you manage it, and how do you deal with it.

Please add your comment below as I would LOVE to hear from you… 

Till next time..


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