It’s a Very Lonely Place At Times For Being So Called SOCIAL

I will just come right out and say it…

The online business space can be one lonely ass place at times. Even though it is so called super social!

Think about it…

There we all are –  plugging away, all that ‘Connecting’ on all of the social media platforms with plenty of ‘Friends’

If that is so – then why the feck are there so many feeling lonely, isolated and even struggling…

I know all about it – I have plenty of those T-Shirts in my wardrobes.

Been there, done that and totally pissed off with it to be honest.

Maybe it was the time I had away from the online space made me finally realize this.

You want the harsh truth?

This is probably more prevalent that you realize – even with those TOP guys.

You may be letting out a sigh of relief to realize you’re not the only one. Trust me you’re NOT, it is more rife than you may think, and I want to try and stop this for my own self and to help others along the way.

Why is this such a problem?

…especially when we are all out there together, networking, liking shit and chatting on Facebook/Skype etc!

Here are a few things I noticed… (from my view)

People are too self engrossed

Sometimes people are selfish

They only chat with you whilst they’re gaining somehow

They don’t give a Fu#k about you (simple as that…)

They only want your money!

The list could go on…

But thankfully not EVERYBODY is like that. I have to say I have made some fantastic friends and met some wonderful people.

Sometimes the loneliness comes from being isolated from our family, or them simply not understanding what it is we do online.

In my case, my wife is super supportive of me. In the past if I had a launch I would lock myself away for hours or days on end and she never complained once to me. She left me to it, and I would get the ‘That’s great hun’ but she didn’t 100% know what it was I was doing and wasn’t really fully interested as it was ‘my thing’…

Just take a moment and think about this…

Any of this strike a cord?
Or anywhere close to the mark?

…I bet I have hit a few high scoring points!

What is the cure?

Firstly – We NEED human contact. That is in the form of closed social groups, calls, meetups and finding that support network.

We are humans at the end of the day and that means we are actually a breed that NEEDS social interaction and to be with OTHER PEOPLE – that also means other like-minded people!

We need to find people who have the same interests, are in a similar situation to ourselves, and looking to find other people who understand this fantastically weird online game.

My recommendation to you is to get out there more in person, either via a Skype call, Video call and get interacting with people on a more personal level.

Get to networking events in person when they are close, because at the events you finally get to meet your virtual friends for the first time in the flesh.

It truly is strange going to an event for the first time, and here is why…

You walk into a room and there in front of you are ALL the people you know, well virtually know – and they are all there chatting and available for you to go over to and speak to. In some ways it is weird as you feel you already know the person. So many faces in the room you look at and know right away, but at the same time you’ve never met them!

It takes you to get up, go to an event and meet these people. Yes you may feel awkward, uncomfortable, but you also finally make those connections stronger by having a laugh and chat with people in person.

IN PERSON – did you hear and get that?
…I hope you did!

Look out for Support on the Social Networks

My final piece of advice is to get into a few dedicated groups where people can support you without pitching to you and all there for the same common purpose. Whilst in there, look to make friends (real friends) with the other group members and interact freely within the group for the benefit of others.

Basically I am saying to be bloody social within these groups!

Be a real person, chat, ask questions and have fun without ulterior motives…

I am actually setting up a group for Broadcast Geeks, and that is this type of group I intend it to be. No pitching, no B.S, and a relatively new group.

Final Thoughts For Today (end of truthful rant…)

My advice is if this post DID strike a cord with you, then you are welcome to come across to help and be helped by the other group members. The only thing I ask is you never pitch, and you only ever look to help or ask question to help you advance and grow online.

It is that simple…

The link to join is:

…See you there!

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