It is Okay To Make Mistakes As This Is How We Learn

Many are paralysed with the fear of making mistakes.

So much so, many may never even begin for this fear is holding them back. I may not be perfect, but I also learn from my mistakes and keep moving forwards.

In todays episode I reveal one simple mistake that I made, and rather than letting it hold me back, I dealt with it and kept moving forwards.

Now in the past this may have held me back, but now I have made the decision that I will continue no matter if it is perfect or not.

This is what I have to say:

It is Okay To Make Mistakes As This Is How We Learn

By actually taking action and moving forward regardless of things not being perfect, means we will learn, we will get better, we grow our skills and as a result are a LOT further down the road simply by failing forwards.

The experience I had recently was over a simple image for an upcoming webinar and blog post on this site.

I had friends reach out to me regarding this image saying they didn’t like it at all. They said it looked like I was aggressive, yet my intention was to have a determined look. The reason for the image, webinar and offer was that I was looking genuinely looking to HELP people. Nothing else, nothing to buy, just solid helpful content.

All they needed to do was join us on the live call and interact.

What is worse is I had already shared this image across all of my social media feeds. Then this was pointed out to me and I did agree. So there was a conflict with the image scaring people away and the genuine intention of the offer.

So lesson learned.

Did this stop me or upset me?

No, not at all. I have made the decision that I am going to keep pushing on no matter what. This means I will not let my mistakes increase the fear, resulting in myself holding back or even not beginning.

and THIS is something you should also adopt within your business. Just keep moving forward, stop worrying about the mistakes and take action and fail forward.

By doing so you learn as you make your mistakes and grow your skills and experience simply by making these mistakes and keeping moving.

So don’t see a mistake as a bad thing. It is simply a little lesson that you can learn from and use within your business to make things better for you and your customers.

If you don’t create content – How can you broadcast Your Message?

Following on with the online message of this very website:

Broadcast Geeks is Dedicated to helping you grow your Brand, Your Authority and Business Online

If you do NOT put out your content, or you don’t publish it often enough, people will drift away or not even see your messages.

Additionally, it can be the errors and mistakes that makes you real to others. Sometimes things can be too polished and people may not trust or align with the message you are publishing online.

Do not fear mistakes, embrace them and see this as you are taking massive action, meaning massive learning and growing as you progress…

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