June 30

Inexpensive Video Capture Cards – Are they any good


Inexpensive Video Capture Cards – Are they any good

Are you considering purchasing a cheap video capture card?

Wondering if they are any good or worth the money.

With the shortage of the more expensive versions of capture cards, I decided to pickup a cheap alternative to test it out.

What could go wrong?
Was I surprised?

You Betcha…

I picked my capture card up for around £15 and here are my thoughts.

Plug and play

Out of the box this worked fine for me. It literally was plug and play.

Ease of use

There were no complicated settings or switches I had to manipulate.
I didn’t have to provide a secondary power supply. This can use a second USB port.

It worked with my Sony Handycam right away.

Was it worth the small investment?

YES totally. So much so, I bought a second one to enable me to use a second device for other camera angles. I am considering side profiles, desk (downward) facing angles.

Any Con’s?

The only one I can think of is it doesn’t give me a 4`k output, but this is in my opinion no big thing as currently the maximum resolution you can live stream into Facebook is 720p and if you stream to YouTube, then 1080 is more than enough.

Considering that there is currently price gouging and lack of stock availability for the Elgato Camlink 4K and other similar video capture cards, this is a great find and truly worth the £15 it cost me to enable me to use other devices as a camera source for my computer. It means I can also now use my camcorder within my live streaming setup and it gives me additional options.

so YES – to me it is worth it and I recommend you buy one yourself and see it is suits your needs.

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