How To Upload and Install A WordPress Theme Via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

If you are looking How To Upload and Install A WordPress Theme Via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) – then THIS is the video that shows you exactly how to upload your premium theme using FTP.

In the video I upload OptimizePress 2.0 into my installation of WordPress and by following my steps you can learn How To Upload and Install your WordPress Themes Via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Following on within our WordPress series where I have shown you how to install WordPress via Cpanel and also how to change your WordPress theme, this video deals with uploading and installing a theme using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

To do this I used a FREE software called Filezilla that you can access here.

Download Filezilla and then enter your FTP login information into the software to connect to your remote server, then you can follow along with the tutorial.

To Upload Your theme via FTP

You need to navigate to the root of the domain, look for the wp-content folder within your public_html files.

Once inside the wp-content folder you will see a sub folder containing themes. Navigate into the themes folder and this is the location where you want to upload the theme into.

So root of domain > public_html > WordPress files > WP-Content > Themes > upload theme here

and that’s it …

Pretty simple

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