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How to start and share a YouTube video to Start at a specific time


How to start and share a YouTube video to Start at a specific time

Want to know how you can share or embed a YouTube video to begin or start at a specific time?

Getting right to the specific content is great and sometimes you want to point people towards a YouTube video, but the content you are referring towards is buried within the video.

In this video I am going to show you how to link people directly to a starting point within a youtube video. Or how to embed a video set to start at a specific time within the content.

Hi I’m Chris Cole from Broadcast Geeks and as always I would love your comments and for you to subscribe to my youtube channel.

Getting started, go to the video you wish to start at a specific time. This can be one of your own videos or one uploaded by another creator.

If you simply want to grab the video link to share with others but start the video at a specific point then watch the video up to the point where you want to start the playback

Then Click the share option below the video

Here you will see several options.

One will have a checkbox with start at and a specific time. Check the box and this will update the YouTube video share url so that it will start at the exact point in time you want it to.

Grab and share this url and the playback will begin at the specific time you set.

Alternatively, if you are wanting to embed the video and also wish for it to start at a specific time

Watch the video up to the point where you want the playback to begin.

Click on share below the video

Then click on embed

Below the code you will see a checkbox with the start at and specific time

Check this box and your youtube embed code will update so that playback will begin at your specified time.

Grab this code and then add this into your website for this playback time to work.

There are many reasons why you would want to start videos at a specific time so it is always worthwhile knowing this feature exists.

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