How To Leverage Content Upgrades To Capture More Leads

Warning – if you’re NOT using content upgrades you are losing out!

….every time

How come, you may be asking?

Because you have just lost an excellent opportunity – that’s why!

You spent valuable time in creating your blog post and published it thinking you had covered everything. This was sure to get you more of a following and readers.

And yes, it might do exactly that.


For every person that may begin to follow and engage, you also lost the opportunity of capturing their (and others) attention and more importantly their details so that you may follow up with them in future, let them know when you have a new blog post or some important news.

It is up to you to use this leverage where possible to maximize your real estate and traffic at all times.

If you ensure you capture their details whist they are actively engaged within your blog post and present them with a content upgrade, then not only do you have someone who is now following and engaged, you are also able to send them a notification to return whenever you publish new content, or ensure they listen to what you have to say whenever you email a broadcast send out your email newsletter.

THIS is where you Leverage the power of a content upgrade.

What you do here is create your content upgrade and use this as leverage on that specific blog post or page.

It is going to work VERY WELL for you as it is highly related to the content on the page and it is a natural progression from the content the readers are currently consuming.

Take a second and think about it…

…Upsells are a natural thing.

People always want more of a good thing.

If your content is engaging and relevant to them, then they are going to want more. Especially if the content is super targeted, relevant and a natural progression to what it is you have covered within the initial post.

All that you have to do is to make them the offer and the correct time and people will say YES  to this. They will take you up on your offer and give you their details in order to access the upgrade.

Content Upgrades are a natural progression and the perfect lead magnet as people will be looking for more, in-fact, they will actually welcome the fact that you have offered them an upgrade, especially if it is for free.

In a case like this, they will gladly submit their details to access such an upgrade…

What you do is offer the content upgrade in return for gaining the readers name and email address.

In return, the readers can upgrade on your content and learn  or gain more information on that particular content or article.

You can do this on already published posts…

What about the times when you could have added more, but felt the content was already long enough or had covered enough. Then upon reading it over, you felt you could have added more…

You also quite often hit publish on an article, then realise that you could have added more details or even supplemented on a particular portion of the content or look to expand on this.

This is where a content upgrade is perfecto… 🙂

So what exactly is a content upgrade?

In short – a content upgrade is further content or relevant content that enhances or furthers your readers knowledge or skills.

Take for example this very blog post – a perfect (and natural) content upgrade would be a video covering how you can easily create your own Lead Magnet, or even a video detailing how you can always have relevant and engaging content ideas for your niche.

It is up to me to get creative and make an offer in line with my recommendation.
(trust me it is coming once I get this site established) 😉

Where do you offer the upgrades?

Typically I would recommend you offer it within the relevant blog post or page and also as a pop over box on that one single page or post.

Look to make it totally obvious that the additional content is closely related to what they are currently reading and it is a natural progression for them to take this offer.

You will find that most people who are truly interested, will gladly continue to the upgrade and pick it up.

What do you give away as an upgrade?

Consider the following:

  • PDFs
  • eBooks
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Webinars
  • Training
  • More…

Here you can get creative. It can be a further page or blog post, a downloadable PDF containing training, information or a cheat sheet.

You can offer an additional training video if it is best explained by video or the video is relevant to the content.

It can be in the form of an audio download

in fact… You know what..?

It can pretty much be whatever you like, feel is a good fit and is normally something that is accessed digitally. 

My advice is to test it out, change it up if it doesn’t work. tweak the copy, the offer and of course how you present it and you will find a winning fit.

A word of warning – What you MUST avoid with content upgrades

There are of course some things you should look to avoid with a content upgrade.

Some are more obvious than others.

If you have a Golf blog, would you think it is a natural progression to offer a fly-fishing upgrade?

Not really in my opinion – that is not to say you won’t have Golfers who also enjoy Fly fishing. It is just that it is a disconnect…

The same with online marketing.

If you have a blog post on email marketing, why offer them a plugin for say Amazon affiliate sites. This doesn’t fit, it is a disconnect.

In essence what you really need to do is look to connect the dots…

…from one piece of the puzzle to the next.

…from one piece of content to the next

If you make it a natural fit, then you will see fantastic results.

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