How To Install WordPress in Cpanel Hosting

For some it is their very first time, and others are maybe just not 100% sure on how to install WordPress from within there Cpanel hosting.

Once you see it once, It is simple when you know how…

In todays video I step you through the process of installing WordPress onto your domain within your Cpanel hosting using the script installer.

In this video we have the softalicious script installer, and you will find most cpanel have either a direct installation for WordPress or using the softalicious installation app.

You have three possible places you can install WordPress

  • Root of your domain
  • A Sub directory
  • Or within a Sub Domain

For the installation portion – It is the same process if you want to install WordPress into the root of your domain (the base .com), a sub domain (such as, or even within a sub directory (

To install into the root of your domain

This is the easiest place. You simply go into the WordPress installer, follow the wizard, set your login details and let the script run and add WordPress.

Installation of WordPress into a sub directory

This is pretty easy to do, although you have an additional step to take when installing. What you have to do is look for the section where you tell the installer to create a sub directory and install your instance of WordPress into there. This is perfect for the /blog extensions.

To install within a sub domain

Here you need to ensure you have firstly gone and created a sub domain within Cpanel, and once you have created this – you can then find your sub domain listed within the URL lists/dropdown within the installation process when you are looking to install WordPress into that folder.

If you follow the above video you can see where I point out the different areas of interest, and it is down to you where you want to install your instance of WordPress.

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