How To Increase Your Sales and Conversions With a Smart Traffic Plan

If you are selling anything online, then you must always seek to increase your sales and conversions.

That is if you want to increase and grow your business…

To do that you have to work SMARTER, rather than harder.

You need to think outside of the box and look into the traffic sources that are available to you and see if you can introduce any of these sources into your business to grow your revenue streams.

Do you know what the different online traffic sources are?

Maybe this is all new to you and you are looking to understand traffic online, and the different classes and grades of online traffic.

Online traffic of course ranges from free traffic sources and right up to paid traffic and all types in between.

Once you consider the different traffic sources online, you must also think about the engagement levels available from this traffic. By considering the traffic sources and engagement levels, you may understand why your conversions can vary. If the prospects are already aware of you, then promoting your business to them is going to be an easier task. If the prospects have never heard of you, then of course it is harder to get a sale.

What do you do about the different traffic engagement levels to increase your conversions?
This is where having a smart traffic plan comes into your business.

Would you like to know how take cold traffic and make it convert?

If so, then we cover this in detail inside of todays Podcast.

Cold Traffic VS Warm Traffic Explained.

Cold traffic is where the traffic (people) have never heard of you, in fact many of them are not even looking for your or your business. They are going about their daily business online, surfing the web, browsing websites, on Facebook etc.

They are cold to you, and more importantly may not be actively looking for something in particular.

Whereas warmer traffic are people who have searched for a specific thing. They are actively seeking information on a particular thing. Here they have already indicated intent.

So your job in your marketing is to take your customers from being unaware through to a customer. To do that you have to firstly make the prospect aware of you, then get them engaged with you, your business or message. Once you have managed to do that, then you can ask for the sale.

This can be done in many different ways and there is no exact route for every business.

For example, in the case of Broadcast Geeks – I have the following:

  • This Blog
  • My Podcast
  • My Social Media
  • My Facebook Group
  • My Lead Magnets
  • My Entry Point Products

Of course I have other routes, but I hope you get the picture. These are ALL routes for my business to gain exposure, grow awareness and engagement all whilst helping people. By utilising these avenues I am looking for maximum exposure for my business.

The only thing is they are only for brand awareness, and they are not going to grow my business in themselves.

No, to do that I need to look at the next steps I can take. Now that I have this engagement and awareness, I have to ask myself, what else can I offer?

Is there more I can offer that will teach and help people with their business. Of course there is, and this is the next step in my value ladder.

I have higher priced and more tailored solutions to help others.  This is where i need to have the engagement and awareness. If I help people and they are aware of me, then they are going to see the value in purchasing one of my more tailored solutions to help them with their business.

This folks is marketing 101!

You can seek to only use the free traffic route, and in years gone by I mainly focussed on that – free traffic.

However, you can speed up the process with paid traffic sources. This of course scares people as they can lose money and not get any return from their adverts. This again is where you work smarter, rather than harder. You test, monitor and improve to the funnel is working and making you money. Once you have a profitable funnel, you then open the flood gates and buy as much traffic as you can manage.

This is what is going to bring you big profits

Are You Interested in paid traffic and maximising your budget?

You may scared of buying advertising space and wasting a lot of money. Or you may be considering what traffic sources are available to you.

If these are things you want to know more about, then todays show is one where we cover all of this and more. We look to do this with a Smart Traffic Plan

Here is what you MUST consider with a SMART Traffic Plan.

Your Goal Of Marketing

You must have a goal for each and every stage within your marketing. This is from the main goal and right down to the goal for each and every stage within your funnel. I cover this in full within this blog post.

You need to have a different marketing message for different traffic distribution areas

You need to consider where you are going to be getting your traffic from. Not all traffic sources my be actually seeking your business at the time where you come in front of them. This means you may need to change the HOW you market to them at this point.

To have the correct marketing message for each of the traffic distribution areas you will have to consider how you are getting attention. Are you interrupting their normal browsing, are they seeking something within a search engine, are they already engaged with you and your business.

If you consider this before you start your marketing message, then you can speak better to that audience.

Quality levels of Traffic

I have already mentioned cold traffic VS Warm traffic, but there is also targeted and non targeted traffic. If you are seeking to market your business the best quality traffic will need to be targeted and either warm or taken through an awareness and engagement process by you or your business.

Some traffic sources will offer better sources per niche. If we take golf as an example, then it makes sense that a golf forum and also some golf search terms are going to be a higher quality of traffic over fishing blogs and fishing searches.

Likewise, you may have to go to where the quality traffic is currently engaged. This could be forums, communities, blogs, Facebook groups and even within YouTube. Once there it is up to you to understand the quality traffic, and seek to be marketing to this demographic and you will see better results.

Cold Traffic

They do not know you, have never heard of you and may simply not trust you or your business. It is harder to get direct sales from cold traffic without some form of engagement and warming up from you.

Best advice is when you focus on cold traffic, look to warm them up, make them aware of your brand and how it can help them. once you do this, they become aware of you, and if they have a need or pain point and are also aware of your brand and that it can help them, then they are going to become more interested in your message.

Warm Traffic

By following the above steps and getting in front of the cold traffic and making them aware, you have taken the cold traffic to more aware traffic sources.

Taking the aware traffic and turning this into customers and clients is the next stages of your marketing. This traffic (prospects) may have already opted into your email marketing list to access a lead magnet. By doing so they have further engaged with you and are now prospects. It is up to you to follow up with them via other offers, emails and content.

This traffic is considered very warm traffic as they have made many micro commitments by firstly becoming aware of you, then clicking on your offers and entering their details to access your lead magnet.

This now means they are fully aware of you, your brand and business. This traffic is considered hot traffic and you can now engage with them and look to send them the offers you have within your business.

Interruption Traffic

There you are…

Browsing Facebook and another pesky advertisement appears within your news feed.


How do they know I like Golfing?

That is because they are serving advertisements to you related to your likes, interests and activity on Facebook.

It is interruption traffic, but at the same time they are targeting your demographic because of your interests. Yes they have interrupted your general browsing Facebook, but at the same time you ARE noticing the ads.

Likewise on YouTube – you hit play on a video and a pre-video advertisement starts playing. THIS is interruption traffic and whilst annoying to most, if they get your attention, then the goal of their marketing here has worked…

Creating YOUR SMART Traffic Plan

With the above interview we actually run out of time. I have secured a second interview at a later date. My recommendation is to make sure and listen in to this interview and part 2 of the SMART Traffic plan.

In the meantime consider the different traffic types available to you and how you can warm this traffic up. Also look at the main goal of your marketing and then delve down into each and every stage of your funnel and ask yourself this one question…

‘What is my goal for this [page, post, email, file, offer]’

By asking this at this deep level you can see if you have a confusing message and also if you can make your message easier to understand and more coherent with your overall message and marketing.

I would also love ANY questions or tips you have. If you do have some, then please leave a comment below and I will look to answer them. If I cannot, then I will forward them over the Hafiz Ahmad Ashfaq.

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