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How to Get Good at Anything

How to Get Good at Anything

Some might say that people are naturals and they are good at everything they do.

Whilst I would agree with the rare person that can take to something and be instantly good at it out of the gates, for around 99 percent of everyone else it takes one thing.

That one thing?

Practice …
Mistakes …
Repeated mistakes …
Learning …
Applying those lessons …
… and YES even more mistakes.

That is how anyone gets better at anything.

Take a child learning to walk. They crawl before climbing up and steadying themselves.

Then they take their first tentative steps.

and may fall.

In fact they will fall more than they walk in the beginning.

Even when they pass this stage, they are NOT STEADY on their feet.

This comes with practice.

So what makes anything else different?

Yet there are many (including myself) that are holding back die to the fear of making mistakes, getting it wrong or possible making an example of themselves.

I know that I am making plenty of mistakes with my Live Streaming.

But and this is the BIG BUT …

I am learning, making more mistakes and learning even more.
then I am trying to tweak and apply what I have learned to improve my skills.

It is what you MUST also do.

Today I listed out several points that you must embrace and be willing to follow if you want to get good at anything.

  • Be prepared to Fail a LOT
  • Set yourself realistic goals
  • Take plenty of focused action
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Identify and follow role models
  • Ask for feedback
  • Review your progress
  • Learn from friends or a like minded community
  • Be willing to make mistakes

Be Prepared to Fail a LOT

Let’s face it. If something is new to you and you do not possess the skills needed to be an expert, then you are going to fail a lot as you learn and grow the skills required to be good or even great at something. For you to grow and learn you are going to have to make repeated attempts to get it right.

This will involve a lot of failures

…and you have to be WILLING to fail multiple times in order for you to gain the required skills or experience needed to become good.

As Thomas Edison said when asked about his multiple attempts at inventing the light bulb “I haven’t failed – I just found 10,000 ways it didn’t work”

You must be willing to get over your fears and do the same.

I am doing exactly this with my current Live Streaming endeavours, for example last week I went live and publicly failed. Yet I have learned from this and as you can see went live once again this week.

Set yourself realistic goals

In order to get the skills you require it is going to take focused effort and for you to do this, you need to set goals that inspire and focus you on the end result. By knowing the desired result, you can see where you currently are and can begin to plot a route to achieving your goals.

Take for example my goal of growing a community and audience from my content. I know that it is going to take time to grow and I have set a goal of Live Streaming every week on a Tuesday at 8pm (UK time).

I have also set another goal that is soon to launch, and this is to release a tutorial video on my YouTube channel weekly. The aim of these videos is to teach and inspire my audience. I also know that by doing this, my audience will grow.

I am allowing a minimum of a year to see return on my efforts, but this is also within my goals and I am happy to learn, make my mistakes, apply and grow over the time I have allowed for myself.

So what is it you are seeking to achieve?

Lay out your desired end result. Then focus on what it takes to get you there. What steps are needed. What lessons do you need to learn and of course what mistakes do you have to make in order to grow and grow the skills you require to get you there.

Then set realistic timescales and get to the next step.

Take plenty of focused action

By making one single mistake, many folks give up. By the second or tenth MOST have given up. This is why MOST do not achieve the skills they are after to get good at something.

They then make excuses.

  • They don’t have the talent
  • They don’t have the time
  • It is impossible or too hard
  • It’s not for them

You know what I mean. They ultimately end up rationalising their lack of progress and blame something else as the problem.

Yet they have not taken enough consistent action for them to know if they could have achieved their goals. They had failed on some occasions and then given up.

You have to be aware of this and be willing to take plenty of action in order to learn, make mistakes, apply what you learned and grow.

Get out of your comfort zone

There will be times where you may not want to do something or feel resistance to doing something. Like most people, they stay well within their comfort zone. It feels safe, warm and they know it.

This is even true when people know what they ‘should’ be doing, but it makes them uncomfortable. So they stay within that safe area and stay comfortable.

You HAVE to be willing to get uncomfortable. You HAVE to be willing to push yourself and do the things you ordinarily wouldn’t.

If you don’t try something unknown or unfamiliar to you, then how are you going to learn new things? How could you expect to grow your knowledge or skills?

Yes it is one thing to watch someone else take the action and get out of their comfort zone, but you are going to have to do the same yourself.

Identify and follow role models

Look at others that are already in your eyes good at what you want to achieve. Follow what it is they do and try to replicate this for yourself.

I will warn you though …

There can be a trap in this as well, so proceed with caution.

You can identify a role model, see how good they appear to be and then self-talk will speak to you and you ultimately end up telling yourself you couldn’t ever be as good as them.

This is a trap and it is not why I say to identify and follow role models.

Yes – I want you to get inspired. I want you to see and apply what works.


You are a different person and as such you are always going to have different results. This is a good thing as you are unique, you can do things your way and grow as only you can.

Ask for feedback

This can be hard to do and even harder to listen to any feedback, yet it is also critical to learning and growing.

Feedback is a tool that is key to your success.

There are multiple ways to gain feedback. This could be data driven, others feedback or even results achieved.

You have to be impartial to the feedback. As in do NOT take it personally…

Look at the feedback and use this to adjust and correct your direction so that on the next round of feedback you are closer to the results you wish to achieve.

Over time with enough action, results, mistakes and feedback you can correct your course of action and get it to where you want it to go.

THIS is why I say that feedback is key.

It is what keeps you on the correct path and gets you closer to your desired results.

Review your progress

As you progress over time towards your desired outcome you may not feel like you have achieved much. Yet if you take the time and review your progress, you might actually be surprised at what you have actually achieved.

In the video I reviewed my results by comparison with an older video and where I am at now with the quality of my output. It is clearly obvious to me that I have come a long way since then.

I will give you another example of this.

My weight loss journey.

Whenever I was pushing hard to lose weight, it never felt like I was losing much. I was only losing a pound here and there. Yet when I look back to my starting weight this time to where I am now.

I have lost around 50 pounds in weight – that is just over 3.5 stone in weight.

Yet it didn’t feel like I was achieving great results.

Learn from friends or a like minded community

If you have friends, family or even a community that is also focused on achieving similar results, then this is an asset that you can use to help you along your journey.

Your connections may have already made the mistakes and learned from their efforts. They can then pass this knowledge on to you.

This in turn will speed up your journey.

But you still have to take the action, make your own mistakes and persevere with your own progress.

The community can help with advice, guidance, tips, shortcuts and even give you much needed feedback so that you can make any corrections to achieve better results. But you still must take the action to learn and apply

Be willing to make mistakes

As a final point my advice is set off on any journey to getting good at something with the knowledge that you are going to make mistakes. The more mistakes that you make, the more lessons there are for you to learn and apply.

This is always part of getting good at something and is not something that you should shy away from. Quite the opposite in fact. The mistakes are the lessons, the mistakes are where you grow, the mistakes are what makes you truly good at something.

So seek out the mistakes, embrace them and learn from them as they are what will guide you to greatness and achieving the results you desire.

I am currently on my own personal journey and as such making plenty of mistakes along the way. I am doing this quite publicly on this website, my social media channels and also within my video training.

I am willing to make these mistakes as I know that this is also where I grow, learn, apply and get really good at the skills I wish to learn.

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