How to ensure you never run out of content ideas for your lead magnets digital products and blog posts ever again

So you’re sitting there staring at a blank screen…

your mind is blank

you are lost for inspiration…

You cannot seem to come up with any good ideas for your content.

It is tough…

I’ve been there myself in the past.

That was before I created my simple system that ensures you never run out of content ideas for your lead magnets, digital products and blog posts again.

Wanna know how i never run out of ideas?

Here is how you can ensure you never run out of content ideas for your digital products and blog posts again

firstly you have to get yourself organised

…just a little, of course

Get to KNOW your customers

You must know what niche you are looking to create your content within.

Once you know your niche, then you should be able to focus on the pain points, fears, and what drives your market.

Your customers are going the be the people who are most interested in your content. So if you know and understand your niche, then you are also going to know what drives your niche, your customers and the people who are going to be consuming your content.

Meaning you can tailor your content to focus specifically on these people.  

…and then apply the hacks I reveal inside the mini tutorial videos below:

In the above video I show you how to brainstorm using a mind map software.

The best thing you can do here is start with your seed idea and literally dump everything you can think of. Do not stop to consider if anything is correct, in the correct place or even if it fits. Simply just get everything you can down into the mindmap in the beginning.

Once you have entered everything, then it is now the time where you can begin to organize things into sections or modules. Very quickly you will begin to see clear segments or even modules that you can create. They can also become your section and paragraph headings.

In the video I used Xmind, but any mind mapping software or even paper is fine to do this brain storm and dump of information. Once you have it out, then and only then can you begin to organise it and create something from all of the ideas.

Video 2 - Awesome Content Inspiration

Now in this video I show you quick and very easy hacks you can use with the use of creative search strings to find content from popular forums and websites.

By using these search strings you can very quickly narrow down to the questions that people are asking, and also find the answers or discussions around them. By using this, you can take the questions people are asking and seek to answer them yourself either within your blog posts or even within your digital products. They are questions people within this niche are asking, and if you can answer them, then you are giving these customers the answers to their burning questions.

I also show you a great way to organise other blogs and websites so that you can follow them, be alerted whenever they have new content and even organise this into sections or niches as you desire.

All it may take is for one of the other blog posts or websites to give you an inspiration and that can be enough for you to begin creating your very own content. I use this as ideas only and never seek to copy or plagarise others content. It only takes an angle or article title and I can be flooded with ideas for both blog posts and also digital content I can create for both my free and paid products.

Here are some search strings to get you started - I used some of these in the above video:

  1. + how do i

  2. + how do you

  3. + how can I + "your keyword"

  4. + how do i + "video"

My advice is go to Google and play about with these search strings. See what you can come up with and find within a site's archives by getting very focused and creative with your search strings.

One other thing you can do is also add in a wildcard into your search.

To do that in Google all you simply need to do is insert * (an Asterix) where you wish to add the wildcard. This means that whenever Google see's this, it will find all options and insert variables it finds in place of the wild card. Again this is very handy when you are looking for ideas as you never know what it might return with the use of these wildcards.

Use Feedly For Inspiration and Ideas

I use Feedly as my RSS reader and site organiser, and I am continually add interesting sites. The fantastic think about Feedly is you can assign your sites into groups or niches, meaning that you can sort your content and when you want to find something within a particular segment or niche, then you have the ability to do this.

Then when you find a new site that you find if interest, then you can go into your Feedly account and add this site and add the appropriate tags/settings that you wish to add and it will detect the feed and continually update as they add more content over time.

This works very well for ideas, blog titles, copy and if you really wanted to, you can click through and visit that post or content. Simply by reading other posts or content can leave you flooded with ideas and content you can create yourself.

NOTE: I do not recommend copying anybody else. This is purely for ideas and PLEASE go create your own content and use this as a tool for ideas only...



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    The Constant Content Cheat Sheet

    A simple to follow cheat sheet to force you to delve deep into your niche and come up with topics and subjects you can create content around

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    Access Xmind Here

    Xmind is a free mind mapping software for you to download from the above link,

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    Access Feedly Here

    Feedly: The content you need to accelerate your research, marketing, and sales

Now you ALWAYS have somewhere for content ideas

If you follow my hacks, then you always have somewhere that you can use to begin flooding your own business with ideas, content options and never running out of places to get that inspiration and ideas for creating your very own digital content either in the form of blog posts or even digital content and digital products that you can sell.

Do you have any idea hacks?

If so, then I would LOVE to hear them. Please reach out and share them as they can always help others who are struggling for inspiration and ideas for their content...

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