June 10

How To Eliminate Audio noise and increase Microphone volume


How To Eliminate Audio noise and increase Microphone volume

Fethead and Fethead Phantoms to the Rescue!

I struggled for a long time with noise and low levels with my microphone that was wired into my audio mixing desk. To counteract this, I had to push the gain levels to a very high level.

The only problem was I also introduced additional noise that was being created by my preamps.

I was looking for a way that would increase my audio levels and also reduce the gain and induced noise and that is where I stumbled across a Fethead from Triton Audio.

I am using a Rode Procaster that is a dynamic XLR only microphone and must be run through an audio processor like my Behringer Xenyx 1204 USB. I inserted the Triton Audio Fethead as you can see and hear within this video and the difference was instant and clear for you to hear.

I am super impressed and so glad I picked up my Fethead.

So if you are facing similar issues you can consider either a Fethead or even a Cloudlifter as they give you a boost in your audio signal as well as enabling you to reduce the gain needed to get a suitable audio level.

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