How to Easily Change your WordPress Theme Within The WP Admin Area

You may be thinking… What is a WordPress theme..?

Or just not too sure how to change your theme.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A theme is a look or layout for your WordPress installation.

Think of it as like a new jacket (or skin) – one you can change to look differently.

Underneath it is still you, just something different to change the look and feel of you on the outside.

That is what a theme is like for WordPress.

The content is the same, the pages are there, thinks can just look different and you may also have more customisation options for how things look.

Free Themes Vs Premium Themes

There is a large directory of free themes you can choose from within the WordPress depository, however as they are free themes you may not always have the same freedom.

For instance a free theme may look fantastic, but the developers have their branding or links to their sites somewhere within the theme and you cannot remove them.

There is nothing wrong with using the free themes. Many people are using them and you can create an amazing looking website with WordPress (free) and the themes from the WordPress depository (free).

So why do we have premium WordPress Themes?

Typically a premium theme has a LOT more functionality and has specifically designed pages, posts and elements you can include within your website.

The theme I have in use here within Broadcast Geeks is a premium theme. I bought it for the specific features and customisation options it offers me.

I also own many other themes that are premium themes. Take for example OptimizePress 2.0 – this is a premium theme and it is designed for various uses. One of them is for building members areas, and this is what I use for all of my members areas. It also is designed for sales pages and it has a drag and drop visual editor.

So Premium themes give you a LOT of customization.

In the next video I am going to show you how to upload themes via FTP or from within your Cpanel. Typically my premium themes are much larger files and they have to be uploaded via this route.


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