How To Avoid Getting Caught Up In The Details That Is Holding You Back From Success

Today I want to chat about getting caught up in the smaller details

…and why this can be deadly for your business!

I get it, I am also guilty of it.

What am I talking about, you may ask?

I get caught up in the finer details, often asking myself, is it the correct color, this page just doesn’t look right, I could fix that…


and I am guilty as charged myself at times.

In-fact, I have had this creep into my business again since getting back online.

I was fussing about making my upcoming Podcast look perfect. Ensuring the images looked ‘just right’.

Then it hit me…

Snap out of it Chris

..and this is my advice to you also!

STOP this in it’s tracks. Just create content and put it out there. Who cares if the shade of blue isn’t just perfect, who cares if your hair isn’t perfect – whatever (who cares)…

It is the content that people want from you, and if you’re not putting this out or not often enough, then you have been procrastinating on the details.

Some people actually ‘Feel Busy’ when they’re focusing on the details, heck they’re getting stuff done!

…but is this at the expense of them being super slow in getting content out there?
If you want to finally make a difference in your business, take this one piece of advice:

STOP focusing on the details and just get it out there and move on!

Even consider this post…

It is short

to the point

hitting home (I hope)

and I got it out there.

You can always come back at a later date and edit, tweak or make it better if you so wish, but again that is wasting time.

So do one thing and get your content out there without worrying about all of the bells and whistles to fancy it up.
(Over to you…)


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