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How to add Timestamps into YouTube Video Description


How to add Timestamps into YouTube Video Description

Are you looking for a method to allow you to add a timestamp link to a specific time within your YouTube video description?

Adding Timestamps allow you to add clickable shortcuts below YouTube Video descriptions

You may have your video broken down into segments and to save people watching the complete video, you can direct them to the time stamps so that they can get straight to the specific content inside the video.

If that is what you are searching for, then I have you covered on the inside of this video.

Getting started, go to the video that you want to add the time stamps into your description and watch and pause the video at the exact points you want people to be able to jump to.

Write that time down – for example 1minute 25 seconds would be 1:25

If you wish to add multiple time stamp links, then keep going through your video and write all of the times and information about what each point in time relates to.

Now go over to your video within your YouTube studio account and open up the video editor.

Scroll to the description and wherever you wish to insert your timestamps, click into the description and then start typing in the time in the following format 1:25 and then enter a description or chapter heading.

Start a new line and repeat the process.

Once you have finished, click save and go view your live video on YouTube. In the video description it will contain the timestamp links you have just added and these will now be live and clickable links that will allow your viewers to jump to a specific time within your videos.

This is very handy feature for longer videos, live stream videos and to direct viewers directly towards the specific content they are seeking.

Now you know this, you too can begin to add timestamps into your YouTube video descriptions

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