Have You Got A SMART Facebook Traffic Formula?

This is PART 2 of a series of interviews and I highly recommend you go to Part 1 Here and tune into that first as it will greatly help you with your understanding of the content we cover within this episode.

Make sure you look out for Episode 6 where we covered a Goal of Marketing and then ensure you come back to this post and listen to this follow up episode where we teach you how to have a SMART Facebook Traffic Formula for your business.

You May Be Asking, What is a SMART Facebook Traffic Formula?

You have heard that there is a way to drive traffic and grow your business from Facebook, but you are not sure how to go about it. Or you may simply not understand how to do this…

With the way online business is working today, you need to understand how to drive Facebook traffic and how you can grow and scale your online business by introducing these intelligent traffic systems within your online business.

To do this you must include a SMART Facebook traffic plan and it is a must in my opinion for any business that is looking to grow and improve.

As part of your traffic, you may also need to consider the fact that you will have to pay for the traffic. That is if you want a predictable and scalable business.

With paid traffic you need to consider your advertising budget, how you are going to spend this and on what types of traffic and where you are going to invest your budget…

All this plus optimimizing your ad spend and driving down the cost of acquiring new leads and customers into your business.

This is cutting edge marketing, and is what is working RIGHT NOW online – so you need to tune in, take notes and then get out there and take action on this and start building your own SMART Facebook Traffic Formula within your online business.

Here is a breakdown of an $1000 ad budget well spent

First Tip – Do not JUST focus on Lead Generation!

You cannot simply just focus on lead generation and expect the best results within your business.

What you must do is spread your budget and spend this wisely in different areas in order to get the best results and maximum reach.

You will need to spend on the following areas:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Driving Sales
  • Post Sales

The reason for doing this is to take prospects from being unaware of your business right up to becoming customers and clients. You have to grow your reach, make them aware, then engaged and finally an engaged customer.

By doing this you are basically taking the prospects through an invisible funnel where they enter as ‘Unaware’ prospects and in turn are being guided to ‘Becoming Aware’ by engaging with you and your business by various content, pages and posts and then finally onto ‘Customer/Client’ status.

You will also find that by running awareness campaigns within Facebook, this is a cheaper traffic option as you are not seeking to drive the prospects away from Facebook, you can create awareness and build trust FIRST, and once you have built this, you can seek to drive the sales, finally sending people to your websites and sales funnels.

Let us breakdown the ad spend in percentages

20-30% ($200-$300) The Business Awareness Phase

You should always be building your tribe, authority, social proof, growing your authority, blog posts.

Basically you have to get your brand, business and blog content out there. By doing this you are providing value and solving problems up front. This in turn grows your authority within the niche or market.

You are NOT selling anything at this phase of the process. Simply providing value and solving problems within your niche.

Now you may be thinking what is the point of this?

Consider the fact that you are discreetly growing your retargeting list of people who have interacted with your brand. You are also building goodwill with the audience, and they are getting to know, like and trust you.

Know, Like & Trust

This is KEY in all aspects of your business. If you can effectively build this with your brand, then a sale is a natural progression. In-fact I would even go on to say people will be asking you to sell them something.

So to grow and maintain this you need to

  • Be consistent with your message
  • Be ethical
  • You need to provide content up front
  • You need to solve problems up front.

Once people get to know you, you can build retargeting lists and market to people who are already aware of you.

It is less expensive to build a retargeting list inside of Facebook

50% ($500) of your budget is for lead generation.

if you do this correctly you should see conversion rates of over 60-70% (real tested numbers).

If you follow this method you can get really high numbers with your optins and conversions.

The next stage is awareness.

This phase is from lead generation to the actual sale. You need to spend money on the awareness phase, by sharing testimonials or case studies to keep the customers warm or further engage them into your business.

5-15% ($50-$150) on driving Sales

The reason why the driving sale budget is slightly lower is because you have already built that brand awareness and following. People by now should already have shifted from unaware prospects to aware and interested of you and your message.

This means when you do finally make them an offer, they are hot traffic and more open to offers from you.

By following the above process and ad spend, you will find sales conversions can be as high as 60% and above.

5% ($50) on Post sales

Look to run thank you ads for the people who have bought your product. These are the people who will help to increase your conversions by adding further social proof and will recommend your product to other customers.

It also reinforces your authority with your customers. They are already beginning to see you as the authority, this simply solidifies this in their minds.

Automation and Smart Funnels

Within the interview we also discussed SMART funnel automation and if you are not sure what this means I am going to explain this for you within this article. I have also uploaded a PDF containing the funnel stages we referred to within the interview so that you may follow along when we are discussing the smart tagging, and full automation within the funnel once you generate a lead.

The Stages of Funnel Automation

To have this smart automation, then you need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform.

What is a CRM platform?

This is somewhere where you can manage and systematize your marketing to increase and enhance your relationship with your leads and customers. It allows you to serve the perfect content at the perfect time and not only that, but ONLY to the people who need to see it, will actually receive the email.

Think of it this way…

Jack enters your funnel by downloading your free offer.

He then looks at your upsell offer, and even goes on to fill out the purchase cart information, but for some reason he didn’t complete the purchase.

Do you think Jack would be more likely to buy if you followed up with him?

Even more so, if the followup offered him something extra to secure the sale. Right at the time when Jack was very close to buying…

Whilst Jack is within this phase he does not see any of your other offers that may distract him. He will only see the offer that he is interested in at this point.

The perfect offer, at the perfect time.

Now you can get more creative with this, but in the above example I wanted you to understand that this can all be automated if setup correctly with your CRM.

It would also mean if Jack DID purchase, then he would NOT have received the special offer and followup emails. Meaning you do not annoy him with something he has already bought.

How is this done?

This is done with a good CRM platform and SMART tagging based on actions your leads take within your funnels.

So for each step or stage a lead takes, tags are either added or removed and you can use this smart tagging system to trigger events and automatic messages based upon this.

To do this I personally use Active Campaign.

With Active Campaign you are able to add tags based on events, email opens, clicks and also integrate with many other platforms giving you a lot of automation.

They then have automations that you can build within a visual editor that allows you to map out each and every stage of your funnel and the automation steps in between.

It is based on logic or actions – think of ‘If this, then do that

You are also able to put in time based automations that trigger with the time you set (or time delay).

You can do so much with this, that if set correctly a lead can enter your funnel and receive emails based on actions they take and your automations will do the selling for you whilst you are not even there to push send on anything.

This truly is a SMART system and one you MUST look to include with your SMART Facebook Traffic System.

What I love about is is that you can test the account for free to see if you actually like it. Simply click this link and setup your free account to check out their system and see just how powerful a CRM platform Active Campaign is for your business and SMART Traffic systems.

Now you have a SMART Traffic Plan!

If you want to know more, then reach out to myself here on the show/blog or on Facebook, additionally you can also get in touch with our guest of both the episodes Hafiz Ahmad Ashfaq on Facebook (here).

I would also love to hear your feedback or questions, so if you do have any please leave them below.

Speak soon

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