Episode 1: Welcome To The Broadcast Geeks Podcast – Introduction to Chris Cole (The Host)


I introduce myself here and chat about my experience online. In case you’re wondering, I have been online since 2009 (8 years) but lost all of my hosting files due to being offline with personal issues.

I came back online looking to pick up where I left off and I quickly realised that all of my hosting and stored files (including backups) were gone…

I had to rebuild from nothing, and inside of todays episode I discuss the fact why i was strangely happy about that.

To read more about my journey back online, please check out my Back to Square one post here.

Welcome to the FIRST Episode for the Broadcast Geeks Podcast.

Inside todays episode I introduce myself (Chris Cole) to the listeners, I also chat about my history online and let people know that I have been online for eight years, even though this website is only online since 11 February 2017.

The simple answer is – I had all of my previous hosting and files wiped, and it left me starting over.

The only difference is, I have eight years of experience and a fresh start.

So with that in mind it is why I ended up bringing Broadcast Geeks back online.

In my time being back online I have been busy looking at getting all the required elemernts in place for me to begin growing my brand, my business and of course this Podcast.

That meant, I needed to get audio hosting in place in order for me to upload my files and in order for you to be able to access and subscribe to the content online.

I had to get Podcast Hosting

I looked into the various Podcast hosting options that are available to me and inside the episode spoke about what I had been using previously (Soundcloud) and the service that I intend to move over to.

The Podcast hosting platforms I researched are:

  • Libsyn
  • Blubrry
  • Soundcloud
  • Podbean
  • and a few others…

What is My choice of Podcast Hosting?

I have decided to run with Libsyn, as this is the most used and trusted that I can see. It also delivers awesome stats, and these are key to understand how your Podcast is currently doing online.

So with that in mind, what I would love you to do is ask ANY questions you have also also subscribe to the podcast and follow my journey as you will learn a lot along the way.

At the moment, I am still setting up my platforms, creating exciting new accounts and getting everything back online. I am working very fast in the background to use my knowledge and skills to move forward and setup my online business to run how I want it to run.

This time round I am going to be doing things differently, and because of this I am getting new accounts with Webinar platforms, Auto responders, Web Hosting, Audio Hosting (Podcast Hosting) and even for lead generation and much more.

That of course will all be talked about within future episodes as I get more established and all of my systems back up and running.

Why am I telling you this?

The simple reason is that you can watch what I do, learn from it, ask questions and see how quickly business online can gain momentum. I recently posted about my journey and the amount of content and setting up I had completed in exactly one month.

As I have the knowledge and skills, but starting out like a newbie or afresh, I am going to do the things I see are most important in establishing a brand new online business and getting my message out there.

All that you need to is hit subscribe to my Podcast, as questions and follow my journey and I KNOW you are going to learn a ton from that alone.

About The Author


Chris Cole is passionate about online technology, video and audio. He is from Northern Ireland and has been working online since 2009. He likes to write about his marketing journey online and is also a lover of all thing Video and Podcast related. Follow Chris' journey and while you're here - Watch out for the new Broadcast Geeks Podcast that is coming soon. If you like this site, then why not come and join Chris over inside the Broadcast Geeks Facebook Group (Click Here) https://www.facebook.com/groups/broadcastgeeks

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