Do you have the long term view or the quick buck mentality

Today I want to ask you a question…

How have things been going for you with your online business?


Or not as good as you would like it to be?

If it is the second answer, then I want you to look at your mentality when it comes to your online business.

Do you have the long term view or the quick buck mentality?

What do I mean here…

When I started out online I had the quick buck (money) mentality.

Basically I wanted to earn money, but doing it the easy way.

We all get sucked in by these promises.

Making money online is easy…

Making money whilst you sleep…

I could go on.

How has this worked out for you?

I bet not too well…

It was the same for me!

My early mentality was the quick money

Back in the day I was building auto blogs that pulled in content from Amazon and sprinkled in my affiliate links.

I DID make sales, but my conversions sucked. I was making sales by accident.

It wasn’t like my site was engaging, interesting or anything special.

It wasn’t until I changed my mentality and built solid sites with real helpful content that my income started to increase.

I went from a few dollars per month to over $2,000 per month consistently …

The same is true for my current business model.

I am not seeking to make money at all costs.

No, my core values are to help others first.

I want to teach and transform from the heart. If I can successfully do this, then my business has a whole different meaning for me.

I am building my business with a long term view and goal.

Why the long term view is a good mentality to have

By building your business with the long term view, you are not going to be taking shortcuts.

You will do things right and even do things that in the long term can increase your brand awareness, even if they do not directly bring you in sales or income.

You know that this brand awareness and helping others is what will motivate and drive people to get to know, like and trust you and your business.

Instead of people feeling that you are only in it for the money, they will feel like you actually have their best interests at heart.

And you should!

I am now six months into my journey and as of yet, I haven’t had any products at all for sale here within Broadcast Geeks.

I have been building this platform (Broadcast Geeks) as I wanted a solid hub and place where people can come and find me, get to know me and access my content.

I can and will help people, but I am also building a business.

That means I will be releasing products for sale that genuinely help people.

It means my products will have my heart and soul put into them, and it means I will build my business with my customers in mind.

If you haven’t been gaining the traction you desire online, then I urge you to step back and take a long hard look at what your mentality has been up to now.

Is it the quick buck (easy money) mentality?

…and if it is look to make that change today!

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Chris Cole is passionate about online technology, video and audio. He is from Northern Ireland and has been working online since 2009. He likes to write about his marketing journey online and is also a lover of all thing Video and Podcast related. Follow Chris' journey and while you're here - Watch out for the new Broadcast Geeks Podcast that is coming soon. If you like this site, then why not come and join Chris over inside the Broadcast Geeks Facebook Group (Click Here)

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