18 Ways To Create a High Value Lead Magnet in Under 30 Minutes

I often hear people telling me they struggle in creating a simple lead magnet for their business. Or others simply may not know what a Lead magnet is and why you must have a lead magnet if you do any form of business online.

I can understand why people struggle – they are normally over-thinking it, or trying to get it just too perfect before they release it. In doing this, they end up over-complicating things and creating a full blown product or they may even give up and simply never bother.

What exactly is a Lead Magnet?

In it’s simplest of terms it is anything of value that you can exchange in return for the prospects contact information. This is usually in the form of their email address.

The easiest lead magnet to offer is something digital so that the prospect can access and download right away. This gives them the instant gratification from your offer.

One of the most common forms of lead magnet is usually delivered in PDF format, although it can be a multitude of other things you can offer. We will look more in-depth at our options later in the post.

What is the Purpose of A Lead Magnet?

With your lead magnet, you have ONE aim or goal, and that is to maximize and grow your list of targeted leads that you can follow up with for a specific offer. Once you have this list of targeted leads you can follow up with related offers and with other future offers you may have.

A lead magnet has a few basic requirements and that’s it – Here Is My Successful Lead Magnet Creation Checklist:

  • It must be Specific to your webpage/eventual offer
  • Must have a perceived value
  • Must have a high actual value
  • Has to be relevant to your product or service
  • Have a benefit-driven title
  • Offers a solution to one BIG problem
  • Offers a known end result
  • Be easy to consume
  • Offer immediate gratification

At the end of the day, It must be enticing enough for the viewer to want to access it whenever they are on your website. You don’t often get a second chance, so you want to ensure it hits the key points and is something that your readers are willing to give you their information in return for the lead magnet.

Let’s Look At Lead Magnets A Little Deeper

It must be Specific to your webpage/eventual offer

A word of advice here – a lead magnet needs to serve a specific need or have a specific hook related to the webpage you display it upon.

There is no point having a golf related lead magnet if your site is all about fishing. Likewise, if the page or post is talking about list building, you must offer a list building lead magnet for you to see the best possible results.

Additionally – If it is too general or too lengthy, then it is not going to do as well. People want something that is quick, simple and easy.

Also – Make it highly relevant, very specific to the web page and fully in-line with any tripwire or future offers you may make further within the funnel.

Must have a perceived value

You don’t want to be offering something that looks cheap or of no true value. That said, value is in the eye of the beholder – meaning if it is relevant to your content and offers value related to the prospects current problem, then it has a great value to them.

Certain lead magnets can have a higher perceived value. Think videos, software and tools etc…

Must have a high actual value

Now remember – the value may not always need to be in the form of money. No a high value item can be something that is going to help end your prospects pain, or it is going to help them along their current journey.

Especially If it is something they cannot get anywhere else or access easily, then it will have a high value in the eyes of the prospect.

Has to be relevant to your product or service

If you have a specific product or service, then there is no point offering a lead magnet that does not match this. Look to ensure it is logical for your website/niche and that all of the rest of your offers are related, otherwise there could be a disconnect between your lead magnet and offer. This will of course lower conversion rates and you may suffer as a result of a poorly chosen lead magnet.

Have a Benefit Driven Title

You have to let the readers know what the actual outcome is going to be once they access your lead magnet. For example – “10 simple steps to ranking your next YouTube Video”

In this example the benefit is clearly laid out. From accessing the lead magnet they are going to learn how to rank their next YouTube video.

Not only that, but this is possible within 10 simple steps. This makes it sound easy, and also gives them a benefit they are going to gain from accessing your lead magnet. It is enticing to anyone who is struggling to rank a YouTube video and one that could do very well on the correct webpage/site.

What if you have a golf blog:

“7 Instant corrections you can make TODAY to improve your Swing”

What does that say?

It says you have 7 tips to improve a golf swing, and not only that, but they can be applied today. Makes it sound easy, quick to consume and anyone looking to improve their golf swing will see this as a valuable offer.

Offers a solution to one BIG problem

As with the above example – “10 simple steps to ranking your next YouTube Video”

Their BIG problem will be ranking YouTube videos. It is something many YouTubers actually struggle with. So your lead magnet offers them a potential solution (ending their pain) for their one big problem and that is ranking videos.

The only thing you MUST remember is – if you make a promise like the example with the 10 simple steps, ensure you deliver solid information that actually contains 10 steps to help them rank their videos. This will not only help your prospects, but it solidifies your relationship with them. You have been the person with the information to help them. They will want to know more of how you can help them, and this make an eventual sale a lot easier for you.

Be Easy To Consume

Make it something that can be consumed quickly. By telling the prospects that it is 10 simple steps, this also tells them that it should be easy to consume.

Additionally you can tell them it takes 5 minutes to read/implement or even use ‘see the results within (insert timeframe)’

Use examples like:

‘in the next 5 minutes you can’

‘Starting right away you will’

‘How to get clients FAST’

This all says it is easy, something that can be implemented quickly and is something your prospects should be interested in.

Offer Immediate Gratification

Make it an instant download or access after the prospect enters their details. If you don’t, I know from experience – many won’t actually follow up and look for your offer. In-fact if you tell people to go check their inbox, I know for a fact you are going to lose people. Either they forget, are a little confused as what to do or simply can’t be bothered.

Best advice is to send them directly to your download after they enter their details. This way you have a chance of retaining the prospects and for your lead magnet to make an impression on them.

Additionally, if you are going to send them to a tripwire offer, then you need to do this at this stage, as many will not return in future if you leave it to later. Of course you must deliver the lead magnet, or make it clear it is on the next page, then make your offer…

Here are the top 18 Lead Magnets you can create

  1. A Short Guide or Report (usually delivered in PDF format)
  2. Cheat Sheet or Checklist
  3. Resource List or Tool Kit (this could be your top resources or tools)
  4. Video Training or Webinar
  5. Interviews via Video or Audio
  6. Transcripts from Videos, Webinars or Audio
  7. Give away the Slide Presentations from your training
  8. Give Away a Piece of Your Product – Say the 1st Chapter or Video
  9. People LOVE lists – think headlines, inspirational sayings.
  10. Software Download or Free Trial
  11. A Consultation via Skype
  12. A Discount Coupon, Exclusive deal or Free Shipping
  13. A Quiz, Assessment, Test or Survey
  14. The Ultimate Swipe File
  15. A Case Study
  16. Photoshop files or images
  17. Infographics and Instagram Shareable images
  18. Give out Recipes (these don’t just have to be for cooking)

This is in no way an exhaustive list, you can always get creative and come up with your own unique and interesting offers. The thing to remember is to make it something that is easy for you to create, something that is accessed digitally, it is an offer your prospects will want to get their hands on, and of course it is relevant and valuable enough for the prospects to enter their details.

I would also say it is worthwhile testing variants of your lead magnets. So if you have the ability to A/B split test, then look to split test different copy and offers. This will allow you to serve the best possible offers to your prospects, and of course this will maximize your leads, efforts and results from the process.

One such plugin I recommend is Thrive Leads. This plugin has the ability to split test, serve different styles of lead magnets and even serve offers on a page by page basis.

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