12 myths you often hear online and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You Hear

All too often I keep hearing people repeating the same MYTHS that I know are simply repeating what others have been saying online. That is what prompted me to create this post for you today.

What are these myths?

Many of these myths have been circulating for a long time and the thing is, people hear it only once and simply take this as a matter of fact and fully believe it – rather than actually going and investigating and testing this for themselves.

This is a shame because there are many who go on for years and never actually go and investigate whether or not there is any truth in what they have heard or even if they are in fact a complete myth.

So what I have created is my top 12 sayings and beliefs that many have taken as truth or even hear others saying (then believe) when they are working online and looking to grow their business online.

Myth 1: The money is in the list

NO the money is NOT in the list, as size doesn’t mean you will earn more…

The true money is in the relationship you have, grow and nurture with your list.

Yes you can earn from having an email list, however your email list can also go cold or distant from you if you do not grow or nurture the relationship you have with your subscribers.

To increase the income you DO earn from your list, you have to grow the relationship, gain trust and send them a mixture of relevant content and promotions. You also have to continually grow your list as over time people will unsubscribe, or simply stop following you.

That said, if you do have a good list and a good relationship with your list, you can make a lot of money from sales of your own products and affiliate promotions. It is a fantastic way to grow and scale your business online and I highly recommend anybody working online in any form has an email marketing list that they are growing and nurturing.

Myth 2: Email marketing is dead

Following on from the last myth – I would totally disagree on this one!

Just think about it…

With more and more people now having access to smart phones, they are continually checking their emails, stats and other updates. I would say your emails will be reach will be better especially with the expected growth of mobile phones.

With email marketing it is more important to consider getting your emails delivered (deliverability rates), opened (open rates) and people actually clicking on your links. This all comes down to the relationship you have with your list, your copy in both your email headlines and email body, and of course how related your offer is to your list.

There are steps you can take to ensure you have people opening and clicking your links. One of them is growing that trust with your list. Once you have the trust of your list and you then market something that is highly relevant to your list, you will 100% see sales from your own products or promotions.

Myth 3: It is ‘Push Button’ profits

Anyone that believes that working online is push button success is going to get a bit of a shock and find out a lot later down the road this it is NOT the case. The only issue here is they will also be several thousand dollars lighter in chasing after these so called ‘Push button’ profits.

There is no such thing as free or easy money online. You have to have a system in place, put the work in and test, tweak and grow with your experience. Nobody that I know of making any decent money from their online businesses will tell you it is easy, or was overnight profits.

As a matter of fact many will tell you it took a lot of work up front to learn and get their business running how they would like it. Once they have this in place, it still takes work to keep it growing. The same is exactly true for a traditional offline business.

Yes there are some systems or loop holes that may work, but quite often these are only fads and do not last or they get shut down. Sadly though for 99% of marketers it is all down to how much work they put in before and during, how they apply their skills and knowledge they have learned and use this to increase their income and profits to have what seems like easy money.

Myth 4: Success is down to a system

In reality, it is the person having a proper action plan in place that makes something a success. It takes proper planning and execution for most people to see success.

Many do not become overnight successes in their businesses. In-fact many have been quietly testing and pushing hard for years before they finally get a process that works for them and makes them the so called overnight success that appears within their business.

That said, if you have a unique idea and have the correct timing, put the correct processes in place, you can make a profit quite quickly.

Myth 5: It worked for them, so it will work for me

Yes you can replicate a process that others are seeing success with in your business. But the thing is, you may NOT have their personal experience and skills to implement the same.

If you do, then you could likely do things differently. Every person seeing success may be following a tried and tested system, but YOU have to adjust this to suit you, your skills and experience before you can see true success with it.

Others simply do not put enough work in, give up too early or not have the same dedication and focus and this may mean they will not see the same results.

To achieve the same results as others you have to be just as dedicated, follow the same processes to the letter and have the similar dedication to them.

Now if you have a good work ethic, willing to focus and you never give up, then you can always make something work for you, but it is not always an easy path and there are never guarantees that if it works for them, it will for you…

Myth 6: People will buy your products because it is cheaper than someone else’s


Often it is NOT the price that is an issue. Think about Apple…

They entered the market, their phones were at the top end of pricing, yet they DOMINATE the market share…

Quality, marketing and positioning is what will sell a product.

So do NOT be thinking that price is the ultimate factor.

Look at the positioning, marketing and quality of your offer and increase this and charge what you feel in a fair price for what you offer. If people see the quality you are offering you will attract the right sales or clients.

Myth 7: My product is that good it will naturally sell itself.

You can get natural sales from people recommending your products by word of mouth to others. BUT in 99% of cases this won’t be enough for you to live off or say your product has been a success.

NO – YOU have to get out there and market your product. That means you have to reach out to potential customers, promotional partners and marketplaces to extend your reach.

I know many in the digital marketing world feel that their product will sell itself, and I know from personal experience that you may get a few sales, but apart from that it might be tumbleweed…

You must setup a marketing plan and stick to it. Never stop marketing your product and through time your reach will get attention of more potential customers.

Again – Think of Apple, do you think they stopped marketing?

NO – they are still actively marketing and promoting on a daily and consistent basis and YOU must do the same.

Myth 8: You can get free traffic simply by creating great content

Yes you will receive traffic for long tail keywords from the search engines. But, to get a decent amount of traffic it takes you to go and get your content out there.

You have to share it in social media, your email list and drive people to it from other channels and sources. This can even be front internal linking within your own web properties.

Likewise if your content is great, people will not always share this, unless you actually ask them directly to share it for you.

On that note – Please Share This Post If You Liked It… 🙂

Sub-Myth 8a: Blogging is a great method for traffic generation

Blogging is not enough either. It doesn’t matter if your content is outstanding. You HAVE to promote your content in all channels as well. Yes people will be attracted to good content, but if they never know about the content – it doesn’t matter how good it is…

Likewise you have to ASK people to share your content, otherwise they may read it, like it and move on without thinking of sharing it within their social circles. Do not be afraid to outright AKS people to share your content.

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Myth 9: My site looks fantastic, so people will be drawn to it

Following on from the last myth about content, the exact same is true around your website. People will not find it unless you promote it!

On another note – in who’s opinion says the site looks fantastic?

is it the designer or even a biased side of yourself?

I actually rebranded this site after I had it looking nice, however when I stepped back and looked at it with another set of eyes, and I also considered the end user. I knew I had to make it simpler and less confusing for the visitor. There was simply too much going on and there wasn’t a clear message with the site and layout.

This is why I am reminding you to look at your own website:

  • Is really a user friendly as it needs to be?
  • Is it clear to navigate the site?
  • Does it properly serve the purpose you intend for it?
  • Or does it just look nice?

Remember! Looking nice is not always the most effective website or page. With that said having a good looking site does NOT mean people are going to be drawn to the website, always think of the end user FIRST!

Myth 10: I can do this with just a 4 hour work week

You CAN do this with a limited amount of time and possibly on a part-time basis, however, you do need to invest quite a bit of time into learning systems, the technical and processes.

I would say that any successful online marketer will tell you that it does take quite a bit of time up front to gain the knowledge and experience before they can have the automation and processes in place to do the heavy lifting for them.

BUT I would say there are very few who do not work harder than most in a job working for someone else.

Why is that?

They are self-driven people with ambitions, goals and a vision of what they want to achieve. Quite often what they have may not be enough so they continually push to grow, scale and earn more.

So for me the 4 hour workweek is a myth…

Myth 11: More traffic you receive means more money for you

Everything has a quality in life and the same runs true for traffic. Quantity is not always quality with traffic. Believe it or not, but there are different grades of traffic ranging from cold traffic, right up to super targeted and ready to buy traffic. These different grades of traffic will make a big difference to what you might actually earn from it. If you receive super hot ready to buy traffic, then it only takes one or two people to make a purchase and you could make a lot more than thousands of non targeted cole traffic hitting your pages.

So my advice is learn the differing types of traffic, and look to focus in on either warming up this traffic, or your pre existing following and ensuring you follow up with them with your new or future offers. You should always look to move your traffic through the different stages of awareness of you and your business.

Seek to continually be warming up your traffic and focus on the engaged traffic as this is where the sales will come from.

With this said, the engaged customers will be in the top end of the traffic you receive and it does not take a large amount of this type of traffic to see sales and business from within your online business.

Myth 12: Getting traffic is easy

Anyone who tells you that getting traffic is easy has neglected to tell you the work they have had to put in up front. At the end of the day you have 2 choices with traffic:

  1. Free Traffic
  2. Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic

This can be further broken down into different paid traffic sources, but you either can pay for it and learn as you go, and that can cost you – it can actually cost you a LOT if you do this incorrectly. This is why if you are running paid traffic you know exactly what you are doing, you have considered the goal of your marketing and applied thing throughout your funnel. Seek to find the best paid route for you and your offer. Here you are looking to get the maximum return on investment where possible. As you are paying for the traffic It will take considerable testing, optimising and maximising the traffic you have within your funnels.

Some of the best paid sources of paid traffic are;

  • Facebook ads
  • Google Adsense
  • Bing Ads
  • YouTube Ads

Free Traffic

You can always go the free route and that takes working for the traffic and pushing hard on all of the free channels you can to get that traffic. There is not usually a quick solution to the free traffic as you are relying on getting rankings, shares or going viral. You are reliant on these rankings and the traffic finding you. It takes having a clear strategy and method for getting your offers noticed.

One of the best tips you can do with ALL of your traffic is try to capture their details by making an offer in the return of their contact details. You could find something that you may offer as a gift in return of this information. In the online circles this is called a lead magnet, and it is a downloadable report or content accessed digitally that you give in return of the prospects email address.

By doing this means you grow a database of prospects that you can continue to develop a relationship and keep in contact with future offers and products you may have for sale. By staying in contact, you have increased awareness for your brand and the prospect will begin to engage with you and move through your engagement levels up to being a customer and potentially a client.

Summary of the Online Myths you hear online…

I hope by now you can see that (in most ways) I pretty much disagree with the myths and sayings online.

My recommendation is to always test this for yourself and find this out by doing so. Some you may struggle with, but other may just be pure gold for you and your business. Never believe what you hear, always test and try things out for yourself.

Look to keep an open mind, and grow your business your way and without these myths and preconceived ideas.

Here is my list once again…

  1. The money is in the list
  2. Email marketing is dead.
  3. It is ‘Push Button’ profits
  4. Success is down to a system and not the psychology of the person implementing it.
  5. It worked for them, so it will work for me
  6. People will buy your products because it is cheaper than someone else’s
  7. My product is that good it will naturally sell itself.
  8. You can get free traffic simply by creating great content
    • Blogging is a great method for traffic generation
  9. My site looks fantastic, so people will be drawn to it
  10. I can do this with just a 4 hour work week
  11. More traffic you receive means more money for you
  12. Getting traffic is easy

One Final thing…

I would love to hear from you and any thoughts you have or even any questions you have. If you have any, then please reach out to me via the comments area below or over on Facebook. Likewise if you disagree with what I say, please let me know and let’s chat…

Speak soon


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